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The Anarchist Black Cross was originated in Tsarist Russia to organise aid for political prisoners. In the late 1960s the organisation resurfaced in Britain, where it first worked to aid prisoners of the Spanish resistance fighting the dictator Franco's police. Now it has expanded and groups are found in many countries around the world. We support anarchist and other class struggle prisoners, fund-raise on behalf of prisoners in need of funds for legal cases or otherwise, and organise demonstrations of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and other prisoners.

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The listing of any prisoner or any activities on this site is for information purposes only, and should not be construed by any state organisation as representing our active support for their actions or those activities.

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Update On Alfredo Cospito's Situation - Call For Solidarity


The latest news we’ve got about Alfredo, still in prison in Bancali (Sassari) under the 41bis regime, are that his health is stable, he is physically sound and has regained weight after his six-month hunger strike.

Unfortunately, he receives very little mail, almost none. Also, when the prison withholds letters, postcards or telegrams, often he’s not informed by prison staff. He thus finds himself subjected to an even higher and more arbitrary censorship than the already harsh one of 41 bis. Let’s not let him lack our solidarity! We urge all to write letters or postcards using registered mail with return receipt requested, to increase the chances that, if they are withheld from him, he will be at least notified.

Against all prisons!
Cassa Antirepressione Alpi Occidentali

Alfredo Cospito
Casa Circondariale di Sassari,
località Bancali,
07100 Sassari SS,

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Call For Solidarity With Jorge Esquivel, Anarchist Punk Prisoner In Mexico


Jorge "Yorch" Esquivel is a beloved compañero of the punk and anarchist community, and a long-time participant of the Okupa Che Guevara. He was arrested on December 8, 2022 by plainclothes police as he was leaving the campus of the Ciudad Universitaria (of the UNAM university) in Mexico City as part of a campaign of criminalization against the Okupa.


On February 24, 2016, an operative was carried out in which plainclothes policemen arbitrarily detained him, "planting" drugs on him in order to fabricate crimes against him. The whole case was plagued with irregularities. He was transferred to Oaxaca and then to a maximum security prison in Hermosillo. The authorities used this strategy under the supposition that the distance would hinder his legal defense, but even so, thanks to the solidarity and legal work, he was reclassified from the crime of drug dealing to simple possession of narcotics, so he was released on bail in March 2016.

Jorge decided not to continue with the farce case against him and thus did not continue the process. In the meantime, the frame-up continued to be put together. Constant threats and journalistic reports did not cease; the press even took him for dead and accused him of participating in organized crime.

On December 9, 2022 he was arrested in exactly the same place - a few steps outside Ciudad Universitaria, where the Okupa is located and again by plainclothes police - with the grounds for this illegal detention being that the Attorney General's Office appealed the decision to reclassify the crime.

The compañero's health is fragile due to an extended hospitalization a couple years back and more recent bouts with different illnesses.


Jorge is currently incarcerated in the Reclusorio Oriente prison in Mexico City, in the observation and classification area. In this area he has been unable to receive visits other than from his lawyers.

The legal process is in the evidence stage. The Attorney General's evidence includes the testimony of the police officers who detained Jorge; one of them is deceased and the other has not been located. Due to this, the hearing scheduled for February 17, 2023 did not take place and a date was set for April 14.

On behalf of the legal team that has been working in solidarity to defend Jorge, two expert reports will be presented by an external expert (called a perito in Mexico), one in dactyloscopy to prove that the packages of narcotics were never touched by Jorge, and another one in criminalistics. These expert reports will be presented once the hearing is held on April 14.

This expert's fees amount to 70,000 Mexican pesos (approximately 3804 USD/3567 euros/3164 pounds), which must be paid in two installments. In order for this person to start her work, she needs to receive the first half, and the second half should be paid at the time of the next court date.

Thanks to the solidarity of individuals, collectives and networks, it has been possible to cover Jorge's expenses inside the prison, which have been very high due to the blatant corruption that reigns in Mexican prisons run by mafia groups that charge prisoners for everything from use of the bathroom to water, electricity, even the cell they are held in. The legal expenses up until now have been mostly covered as well, however, we call upon the solidarity of our friends and compañeros around the world to help us to raise the amount of the expert's fees as soon as possible.

If you are interested in supporting us, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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ACTION ALERT: Get Samantha To Hospital After Her Heart Attack


Please complete the action using this tool: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/action-alert-get-samantha-to-hospital-after-her-heart-attack

Samantha Faulder is a long-term prisoner at HMP Eastwood Park. She recently lost her life-partner, Taylor.

She has now had a suspected heart attack in prison but has not been taken to hospital. Please contact the prison to demand she is taken to hospital ASAP, her life depends on it.

Sam has had two previous heart attacks in the last 3 years. She uses an angina spray and is awaiting valve replacement surgery. In this recent attack, she had debilitating chest pain, nausea, lost control of her bladder and was unable to move to press her buzzer and call for help. When she was finally found, prison healthcare staff did not call an ambulance. All they did was an ECG and checked her blood pressure. The nurse informed her that HMP Eastwood Park had missed two previous cardiology appointments with the local hospital. They have told Sam she will go for an appointment ‘soon’ in the coming weeks but did not specify when. They did not acknowledge the severity of her symptoms and were dismissive and neglectful.

An NHS doctor has informed us that it is essential she is taken to hospital ASAP so that they can urgently:

– identify myocardial ischemia changes to see if they need to start treatment;         

– see if there is a troponin rise to know if she actually had a myocardial infarction, which again needs treatment.

She cannot afford to wait for these vital assessments. She deserves equal access to healthcare, the same as anyone else. 

Demand HMP Eastwood Park takes Samantha Faulder to hospital ASAP! No more deaths in prison!

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International Day Of Action & Solidarity With Anarchist Hunger Striker Giannis Michailidis


“After 8.5 years in prison, after all these arbitrary actions against me, I decided to put an end to my 11 years of suffering, by putting up a mound against the practice of preventive imprisonment, or else the additional punishment of escape with legal loopholes. After 5 more months of preventive detention, I am starting a hunger strike for my release. This choice, with the deep motivation of the much desired freedom, I intend to support it with the same consistency that I have supported my choices so far and for which they are avenging me.”

Giannis Michailidis, preventively imprisoned in Malandrinos prison, 23/5/2022

Throughout his life, Giannis Michailidis, has been an integral part of the struggles against the state and capital from an anarchist perspective. He participated from a young age in anarchist student groups, in demonstrations against the Iraq war, in anti-state/anti-capitalist demonstrations of the 2004-2006 anti-globalisation movement and was arrested during the conflicts. He participated in the 2006-2007 student struggles against the reactionary reforms in higher education (privatization of universities, abolition of university asylum, etc.). He fought against the plundering of nature and was arrested in an intervention against the deforestation of Mount Parnitha in 2007. He was an integral part of the December uprising, when police officers murdered in cold blood the anarchist 16-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in the Exarchia area. He was present in the battles against the memoranda in 2012 and chose to expropriate the bloody wealth of the banks, remaining steadfastly committed to the vision of the overthrow of the state and capital, holding a militant – feisty stance, against the police-judicial complex, the material expression of state terrorism.

The heavy prosecution against Giannis began in 2011 when an arrest warrant was issued against him for involvement in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF). The reason was his solidarity relations with wanted anarchists. He chose the path of illegality and was arrested in 2013 in Velvento Kozani, after expropriating a bank together with 3 other anarchists, where he was tortured by the police. After his arrest, he is accused of being the accomplice of anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos in the armed clash with cops in Pefki (an area in the northern suburbs of Athens) and is sentenced to prison. He is, also, accused of being an “individual terrorist” along with his comrades from the Velventos case and is sentenced to prison for possession of ammunition and forgery. In the courts that follow, he will be acquitted of his participation in the CCF and convicted of the Velventos bank robbery, the Pefki case and the case of individual terrorism. His militant stance will continue inside the walls, where he will participate in prison as a solidarist in the hunger strike of an anarchist in 2014 and in the mass hunger strike of political prisoners in 2015. He will be forced to escape in 2019 from the rural prison due to a fabricated prosecution for participation in the uprising against the violent abduction of the then hunger striker Dinos Yatzoglou from Korydallos prison. This prosecution was brought against all political prisoners in order to restrict their rights and prolong their time in prison.

He was arrested again in Athens with 2 other female comrades in 2020 and was accused of a bank expropriation act, which he undertook. The anarchist comrade Giannis Michailidis has served from 29 December 2021, after 8.5 years of detention, the formal conditions of release for all his sentences. The Amfissa Judicial Council, however, refuses to release him on the pretext that he does not meet the substantive conditions of release. This additional detention is being used at will by the judicial mafia to punish choices and attitudes of struggle. After the first rejection of his request for conditional release in February, comes the second negative prosecutorial proposal, now in May, with the judges in charge unable to time his release, or rather stating that the comrade will have to remain in prison for an indefinite period of time until it is decided, based on their appetites, that he is no longer a danger. In order to this indefinite hostage-taking of the comrade, the pretext is used that the prisoner ‘does not meet the substantive conditions for release, as there is a risk of committing new offences’. In other words, it is a preventive extension of a prisoner’s detention without a time limit. Under the Penal Code applicable to the case of the comrade, all prisoners who have completed 3/5 of their sentence are entitled to conditional release, if there are no active criminal cases or active disciplinary offences within the penitentiary. Conditional release is a militant achievement of prisoners. An acquisition that, along with a few others, such as short-term furloughs, was won during the era of harsh incarceration and bloody prison riots.

Giannis’ hunger strike is taking place at a time when a right-wing, conservative, neoliberal government is in power in Greece, which, by applying the doctrine of “Law and Order”, attacks and abolishes the achievements of years that were won through hard struggles (abolition of the eight-hour day, abolition of university asylum and police entry into universities, further tightening of the penal code, law restricting demonstrations, murders and pushbacks at the borders, criminalizing collective resistance, impoverishing the social base with product price increases). This government has shown particular interest in repression against political prisoners. A typical example is the intransigent attitude of the state to Dimitris Koufontina’s hunger strike regarding the leave he was entitled to as a prisoner. Part of the same tactic is the attitude towards the struggle of comrade Giannis Michailidis.

“Because I am not asking for anyone’s interest as a victim of state repression, but as an active social and political subject who considers my condition of captivity as part of the attack of the state and capital on those who consciously stand against them. Rather, I call for a relationship of revolutionary solidarity on the basis of common projections and a common struggle with multiple edges that coordinates the rage felt by different people experiencing different conditions but with the same causes.”

Giannis Mihailidis, preventive prisoner in Malandrinos prison, 23/5/2022

Following the words of the comrade himself, we do not perceive the case of Giannis Michailidis as an isolated example of revenge against a political prisoner. It is a fact that all over the world political prisoners are subjected to discrimination and special conditions of detention. The fact that they remain unrepentant even inside the prisons, continuing their struggle and maintaining a militant stance within the walls, puts them in the crosshairs of states and repressive mechanisms against those who have fought and continue to fight. There are not a few cases where political prisoners, while meeting the conditions for release, continue to be preventively detained through a series of special laws, legalistic interpretations and political decisions.

In Germany Tomas Meyer Falk

Ιn the U.S.A. Mumia Abu-Jamal

and members of the Black Liberation Army

Ιn Paraguay Carmen Villalba

Ιn France Claudio Lavazza

and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Ιn Chile Marcelo Vellarroel

Ιn Greece Dimitris Koufontinas

and Savvas Xiros

Ιn Turkey Ali Osman Köse

These are only some examples of militants who show unrepentant attitude and loyalty to the struggle for liberation. For us, internationalist solidarity is an important weapon in the quiver of revolutionary movements. The struggle against capitalism is common and unites different people from different places with different starting points, experiencing different conditions but with the same causes. That is why the struggle for the freedom of one is the struggle for the freedom of all.

On the basis of the case of Giannis Michailidis and his hunger strike, we call for an international day of action against the preventive detention regime applied against political prisoners. For the case of Giannis Michailidis, we propose the political targeting of the structures of the Greek state and Greek companies and/or by highlighting the struggle of those who are in the hands of the state mafia with the same vengeance.




Assembly of solidarity with the anarchist hunger striker Giannis Michailidis


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Justice For Anarchist Prisoner Toby Shone!


[Updated following his release from 24 hour lockdown and having gotten treatment for his eye infection. 31/03/22]

Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone is being held in the Category B facility HM Prison Parc, a privately run prison in South Wales, despite being in reality a Category C or D prisoner who was eligible for Release on Temporary License (ROTL) on 21 January 2022, according to paperwork he received on 26th March 2022. ROTL is home leave from prison in preparation for release. Category B prisoners are not eligible for home leave.

Despite being found Not Guilty of political offences in court and with no evidence linking him to the website and publication 325.nostate.net, Toby is being held without legal process and without possibility of redress as a Category B, High Risk prisoner where he is not eligible for ROTL (home leave). A probation official told Toby previously that his categorisation is a consequence of his anarchist beliefs, and the fact that he is considered by the authorities to act on those beliefs. This decision has been taken at a level above the Offender Management Unit (OMU) which is the unit Toby personally deals with.

His beliefs are also the reason that police are pursuing a Serious Crime Prevention Order against Toby which will allow the police to monitor and control all aspects of Toby's life and monitor his associates for five years. The Order means he can be imprisoned again for an additional five years should he breach the Order which is so intrusive, it would be impossible not to. The hearing for the SCPO is on the morning of 6 May 2022 at Bristol Crown Court.

Toby was ghosted from HMP Bristol on Friday 18th March. While at Bristol, the prison withheld two parcels of legal papers sent by his legal team and which he has never received.

He was permanently confined to his cell at HM Prison Parc between March 18th and March 29th with no exercise, no time out of his cell except for one shower, minimal interaction (guards frequently just throw his food on the floor and shut the door), and refusal of healthcare which he requested due to an eye infection (he has now received treatment). Unlike most prisons where you can purchase your own fruit and vegetables to supplement the prison food which is unfit for human health, HMP & YOI Parc deny prisoners this possibility by designating fresh food a “security risk”. They also force prisoners to choose between phone credit to stay in touch with loved ones and necessities from the prison shop. In most prisons, phone credit is additional to the weekly spend on extra food and toiletries, but at Parc phone credit has to be bought out of the weekly spend allowance.

Director of HM Parc, Janet Wallsgrove was awarded an OBE this year by the Queen for “services to the prison service”. HM Prison Parc is a leader in prison slavery and routinely locks young offenders and adults up beyond the legal limit. One prisoner on Toby's wing has been locked up for 24 hours a day for 18 days. This is torture, but no surprise that Parc is running this kind of regime - this prison is run by G4S, whose guards are famous for murdering Angolan man Jimmy Mubenga on a crowded passenger plane on 12 October 2010.

You can write to Toby at: Toby Shone A7645EP, HM Prison Parc, Heol Hobcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP

Donations can be made to:

The Bottled Wasp
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Acc No: 65601648
IBAN: GB35 CPBK 0892 9965 6016 48

Take action in solidarity with Toby!

Fuck the prison system!

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Call To Action: International Day Of Solidarity April 4, 2022


On Dec 8, 2020 a group of seven people were arrested by the French state for alleged terrorist association. All but one of them have been released with no specific charges beyond ‘criminal conspiracy,’ a charge that can be used to enhance sentences and strip away rights. Libre Flot was transferred to solitary confinement days after his arrest and is the only one of those arrested still behind bars.

Throughout his incarceration, the French state has attempted to say that Flot’s actions of joining the liberatory struggle against the Islamic State is the same as those who traveled to Syria to join ISIS.

As of Feb 27, Flot began a hunger strike in protest of the 14-plus months of pretrial detention, the allegation that seven people who did not even know one another committed a conspiracy, and the attempts of the French state to assert that those who fought the Islamic State are no different than the ISIS members they opposed.

On March 24th, after having lost a lot of weight and presenting health problems, Libre Flot was hospitalized.

The 4th of April will be his 36th day of hunger strike.

The 4th of April is also his birthday.

On this day, we call for an international day of solidarity. We call upon all comrades and every decent human being with a sense of justice to protest outside French embassies, consulates or institutes, or to find any other way to voice their objection to this blatant injustice.



Solidarity With Comrades In France : The December 8th Case


On Tuesday, December 8 2020, 9 comrades were arrested by the DGSI, the French anti-terrorist police unit, across France. In Toulouse, in Dordogne, in the Paris region, in Brittany and in Rennes. Anarchists are accused of being "the criminal association planning a terrorist attack". All but one comrade were released, some after months in pre-trial detention. They are awaiting trial and are placed under the judicial control. The defendants, not all of whom know each other, have been under surveillance for a long period of time, including digital surveillance such as planting recording devices in vehicles as well as physical surveillance.
The one comrade who is still incarcerated with trial, named Libre Flot,, is under solitary confinement with limited access to visitors.. The official reason given to justify this comrade's continual detention, when all other defendants have been released, and in such conditions, is because the authorities and the court identify him as the leader of a "group". This is how they rationalise the strict conditions of his detention – to prevent a so called possible influence on other prisoners.

Earlier in February, Libre Flot’s appeal to be released and wait for trial without being held behind bars after more than a year of being in prison, was denied by a judge.

In order to support anarchists who are criminally framed into the “December 8th” group, the 8/12 Committee was formed in France. Up until now, international coverage of the case is non-existing due to language barrier. Now, we need international solidarity and would like to an appeal to comrades worldwide.

What support is needed and how can you contribute?

    Spread information

    Translate texts into your languages from the blog: https://soutienauxinculpeesdu8decembre.noblogs.org/

    Organise solidarity actions in your area

    Donate: www.cotizup.com/soutien-8-12

    We regularly write letters and send postcards. We also organise other workshops to break the isolation of fellow prisoners, to support them and to show that they are not alone. If you want to write something, send articles, brochures, drawings, letters, travel stories, etc... feel free to send them to us, we will take care of them:

   By mail:
Committee 812 Toulouse: Route Bis - 22 rue Périole - 31500 Toulouse, France.
Committee 812 Rennes: CNT 35, BP 30423, 35004 RENNES Cedex, France.
Committee 812 Paris: LAP 393 rue de Vaugirard 75015 PARIS, France.

   By email:
comiterennes8decembre [at] riseup.net
let us dance [at] riseup [dot] net
comiteamiens8decembre [at] riseup.net

    Contact us! Feel free to contact us if you want to organise support events, send us photos, ask us questions, invite us to your struggles and more: https://soutienauxinculpeesdu8decembre.noblogs.org/contact-comites/

    Read and spread letters from isolation written by Libre Flot (attach a link to download PDFs somewhere!). Print them in a brochure, if you like!

    Work on making our movement to be more resilent to repression, learning from the defeats and failures of the anarchist movement in past and present.

December 8th is not an isolated case

The crackdown on the "December 8th" group is very similar to other cases of repression, that have appeared in the frame of anti-terrorist crackdown and its narrative around the world. Whether we look at the operations Pandora (Spain), Backfire (U.S.A.), Network case (Russia), Fénix (Czech republic) or Tarnac (France), we can draw similarities. The way crackdown usually happens is spectacular: unmarked vans arrive and police forces storm living spaces of different individuals. Balaclavas, automatic weapons and bullet shields are often present on the scene to make the operation look very serious and portray the arrested as highly dangerous individuals. Sometimes, such cases involve entrapment – infiltration by police agents, luring the subjects to a criminal case. After, a media boost is given to the operation – police claims successful neutralisation of a terrorist cell or network, demonises the arrested people, portrays them in a specific way. Afterwards, the case goes on for some years with little or insignificant evidence to the subject and scale of the original accusation. Comrades spend few months to more than a year of time in detention, often in very strict conditions. When the case arrives to court, the process reveals lack of evidence, holes in the investigation narrative and overall weak and unconvincing case. The case falls apart then, people are found not guilty or are given probation, or similar minor punishment - if compared to what was the impression of the scary terrorism case in the beginning.

Authorities worldwide are working on strategies of combing different radical movements, restoring their own legitimacy and becoming more efficient at repressing the elements in society that post a threat to the status quo by offering alternatives, practicing resistance and revolutionary organising. If we want to be strong as a movement, we need to work on how we defend ourselves against repression – neutralise its effectiveness without neutralising ourselves, as well as on how do we support comrades who are at one of the many fronts of our struggle, being held in prisons. Soldiarity means building the movement, not only in reaction to the moves of the state. When our comrades are held in prison or face any other types of repression, we must take all the emotions that it brings to us, including rage - and apply them on strategic long term organising with the same seriousness and determination that we are feeling right now.

We can learn from these similar patterns of repression worldwide. If you are interested, read the article 'Taking a Global View at Repression' (https://crimethinc.com/2018/08/28/taking-a-global-view-of-repression-the-prison-strike-and-the-week-of-solidarity-with-anarchist-prisoners) and the 'Repression Patterns in Europe' brochure (https://solidarity.international/index.php/2017/07/21/on-repression-patterns-in-europe/).

Solidarity with the comrades accused in December 8th case!
Until all are free.



For more than 14 months I have been refuting this infamous and defamatory accusation of terrorist association.

It has been more than 14 months since the DGSI explained to me that I was not arrested for what they wanted me to believe, namely my involvement with the Kurdish forces against Islamic state (Daesh) in Rojava.

It has been more than 14 months during which time nothing validated the thesis elaborated from scratch by the DGSI, even though for at least 10 months I have been followed, traced, bugged 24 hours a day in my vehicle, my home, spied on even in my bed.

For more than 14 months I have understood that it is my political opinions and my participation in the Kurdish YPG forces in the fight against Daesh that they are trying to criminalise. It has been more than 14 months that 7 people who do not know each other are accused of being part of a criminal association.

It has been more than 14 months of answering questions from an investigating judge using the same tortuous techniques as the DGSI: manipulation, de-contextualisation, omission and invention of words and facts in an attempt to influence the answers.

For more than 14 months I have been subjected to the provocations of this same investigating judge who, while I am languishing in the jails of the Republic, allows himself to tell me that this case is a waste of his time in the fight against terrorism. Worse still, he allows himself the most unacceptable insult by referring to the barbarians of the Islamic State as my "friends from Daesh". Although verbal, this remains an unfathomable act of violence. It is inadmissible that this judge grants himself the right to insult me to the highest degree, tries to smear me, and thus spits on the memory of my Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen, Armenian, Turkish and international friends and comrades who have fallen in the struggle against this organisation. I am still outraged by this.

It has been more than 14 months of a biased investigation in which, contrary to his role, the investigating judge investigates only for the prosecution and never for the defense. He does not take into consideration anything that goes beyond the pre-established scenario and only serves to validate a fake personality shaped from A to Z by the DGSI, which far from representing me and only reflects the paranoid fantasies of this political police. Thus, I am constantly presented as a "charismatic leader" even though any non-horizontal mode of functioning is contrary to my egalitarian values.

For more than 14 months I have been held in so-called pre-trial detention without trial, under the most terrible conditions possible: the regime of isolation (see letters of March 2021 and June 2021) considered as "white torture" and inhuman or degrading treatment by several human rights bodies. It has been more than 14 months that I am buried living in a hellish and permanent solitude without having anyone to talk to, just to be able to contemplate the decay of my intellectual capacities and the degradation of my physical state and this, without having access to a psychological follow-up.

After having provided the prison administration with false arguments to ensure that I would be kept in solitary confinement, the examining magistrate requested the rejection of my request for release, as did the national anti-terrorist prosecutor. To do this, they almost copy and pasted the DGSI report of February 7, 2020, the basis of this whole affair, whose veracity has not been demonstrated and from which we do not know where the information comes. We have the right to ask ourselves what was the point of the wiretaps, surveillance, sound recordings and these two years of judicial investigation and instruction, since the facts that demonstrate the false construction of the DGSI have been concealed.

The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor's Office (PNAT) and the investigating judge are constantly trying to instill confusion and to create an amalgam with Islamist terrorists, even though they know full well that I fought against the Islamic State, notably during the liberation of Raqqa, where the attacks of November 13 were planned.

The investigating judge claims to be afraid that I would inform imaginary people of my situation, even though it is public, notably because the DGSI or the PNAT themselves have leaked the information from the first day. He thus claims to prevent any pressure on witnesses, victims and their families even though there are no witnesses or victims since there is no act. It is ubiquitous. He also mentioned his fear of a concerted effort between co-defendants and accomplices, even though all the co-defendants have been released, that he has not questioned anyone but me since October 2021, and that I have waited patiently until he has finished questioning me to file this request for release. It could have been comical in other circumstances to note the use of anodyne facts such as: enjoying my right to move freely in France and in Europe, my way of life, my political opinions, my sports practices, my taste for rap music or Kurdish music.

The examining magistrate attacks my mother by designating her as not being a valid guarantee for the simple reason that she did not prevent her son, who was 33 years old at the time, from joining the Kurdish forces of the YPG in the fight against Daesh. Once again, it is my participation in this conflict that is being criminalised. He also criticises the use of encrypted applications (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram ...) which millions of people in France are using. Finally, he denigrates all the other options of guarantees (work, accommodation...) without having anything to reproach them even though the staff of the Penitentiary integration and probation services (SPIP) whose job it is, have given a favorable opinion.

How then can we understand that after having ordered these feasibility investigations signifying the possibility of releasing me with an electronic bracelet, the judge of freedoms and detention, in spite
of the report, refuses to put it in place? Many of us have noticed that in this whole affair the "justice" violates its own laws and is subject to the political agenda of the DGSI.

I recently learned from the mouth of the director of detentions of the Yvelines prison (Bois d'Arcy), whom I thank for his frankness, that my placement and my maintenance in solitary confinement were decided from the first day by very high ranking people and that whatever I say or he says or does, nothing will be done about it, that it is beyond him, the file will not even be read and I will remain in the solitary confinement area and that in any case nothing could change before the presidential elections.

    Since they are trying to criminalise the activists who fought with the Kurds against Daesh,
    Since the so-called pre-trial detention is used to punish political opinions,
    Since this story exists only for the purpose of political manipulation,
    Since today I am only left with the prospect of the slow destruction of my being,

I declare myself on hunger strike since Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 6 p.m.. At the moment I only claim my release, while waiting to demonstrate the slanderous side of this shameful accusation.

Libre Flot

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Comités 8/12 : Support The Accused Of December 8th


On December 8, 2020, several searches took place in the four corners of France, leading to the arrest of nine people. After 96 hours in police custody at the DGSI, seven of them were indicted for "criminal association of a terrorist nature with a view to preparing a crime of attacking persons holding public authority". Five of these people were then incarcerated, all under the status of "particularly supervised detainees" (DPS). At the end of April 2021, after five months of deprivation of liberty, two of them were released. Very recently, in mid-October 2021, following a request for release, another companion was released under judicial supervision, although the public prosecutor's office had appealed in vain.

One of the defendants has been in solitary confinement since his arrest on December 8, 2020, i.e. deprived of all contact with other detainees. His solitary confinement has lasted for ten months and was renewed for a further three months on September 8, 2021. This situation must end as soon as possible. As evidence of this, we reproduce here a letter he wrote from his isolation cell this summer.

As far as the defendants are concerned, the facts of which they are accused are unclear, as are the links between them, as some of them had never met before. The DGSI1 scenario seems to have been pre-written and to be the result of a police construction with a political aim, with the creation of ideal culprits and a pyramid structure.

These arrests take place in a political context of increasing criminalisation of social movements. The use of the charge of criminal association is increasingly used to break up militant collectives and crush struggles.

For several years now, we have been witnessing a legislative overkill: the global security law, the separatism law, the Darmanin2 decrees, the SILT3 law... The administrative authority is taking precedence over the judiciary. With the implementation of a form of predictive justice, everyone is now presumed guilty, and people are judged on intentions and presumptions of intention.

Furthermore, we also observe the umpteenth change in France's doctrine on the Kurdish question, with the arrest of Kurdish activists in March 2021 and the criminalisation of those who fought in Rojava4, who were once considered allies in the fight against Daesh and are now perceived as "enemies from within" and terrorists.

The criminalisation of political opponents through the charge of criminal association leads to intrusive wiretapping and surveillance techniques. The ban on contact with other defendants makes it impossible for them to show solidarity with each other and deprives them of intimate and valuable relationships with their relatives. 'Notes blanches'5 , a tool of counter-terrorism and territorial intelligence, are becoming commonplace, preventing defendants and their defence from having access to the full content of their case.

We also denounce the conditions of incarceration in France, which are regularly criticised by the judgments of the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights):

- disciplinary wards [quartiers disciplinaires] where the opaque conditions of detention escape common law and violate international conventions

- exceptional conditions of incarceration

- use of isolation as a means of pressure

- suspicious deaths in disciplinary wards

- prison overcrowding

The state is launching a major "prison plan", supposedly to relieve overcrowding in prisons (construction of eight new prisons on the territory, to be delivered in 2027, at a huge cost), leading people to believe that it cares about the dignity of prisoners, whereas its aims are above all economic and repressive, and the number of prisoners is increasing every year.

The conditions of arrest and detention, for our comrades as well as for all those put in the shade, are as deplorable as they are scandalous.

The movements during the arrests of December 8, 2020 were conditioned: the defendants were hooded and shackled (a straitjacket that immobilised their arms along their bodies via straps). Subsequently, there are reports of the absence of a lawyer for very long hours, deprivation of sleep and food, and lunar interrogations focusing more on political opinions and orientations than on facts. All these methods constitute a disregard for the presumption of innocence. This also has an impact on the relatives, who, helpless, do not know where to turn, paralysed by fear.

Our comrades have all been placed in detention under DPS status: two guards are mobilised for each trip, or even one officer, complicating access to health care, showers, and visiting rooms; no access to collective activities or work; bullying; full body search before and after each visiting room; changes of cell or building, even though habits and routines are crucial for the mental health of detainees.

Our comrade, who is always kept in isolation, not only suffers all these deprivations, but is also confined to walking alone in a 20 square metre courtyard covered by a fence. His access to health care is hindered, especially concerning his requests for consultation with the doctor, dentist and psychologist. The consequences on his mental health are deleterious, since he suffers from loss of spatial and temporal references and loss of memory. His isolation is renewed every three months since his incarceration, which is to say for ten months, the numerous appeals and requests for summary proceedings have all been rejected without further arguments.

We demand the immediate release of our comrades and an end to pre-trial detention for all. We also demand that all defendants have access to all elements of the case, an end to solitary confinement as a tool of repression to crush detainees and an end to the criminalisation of political activists and the prosecution of them.


1. Directorate General of Internal Security [Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure]

2. Darmanin Decrees [Décrets Darmanin]: three decrees from the Ministry of the Interior, published on December 4, 2020, aim to broaden the possibilities for filing in the context of investigations conducted by the police, the gendarmerie or the administration.

In concrete terms, the files for the prevention of public security offences were initially aimed at "persons likely to take part in terrorist activities or to be involved in acts of collective violence", a broad definition that allows for the inclusion, in addition to individuals with "radicalised behaviour", of persons who have taken part in "illegal demonstrations" or "acts of violence or vandalism at sporting events".

From now on, these files will also be able to record information on legal persons or groups, such as associations. In addition, the scope of these files has been extended to include attacks "on the integrity of the territory or institutions of the Republic" and "state security (...) relating to activities likely to affect the fundamental interests of the Nation", the decrees state.

3. Internal security and the fight against terrorism

4. Autonomous territory in Syrian Kurdistan

5. Ordinary intelligence reports, unsigned, not indicating the source of their information, sometimes extremely vague and abstract or based on mere rumours and other vindictive denunciations.

Source: deepl.com translation of an https://soutienauxinculpeesdu8decembre.noblogs.org article

You can write to the accused via the December 8th support groups:

By mail:
Committee 812 Toulouse: Route Bis - 22 rue Périole - 31500 Toulouse, France.
Committee 812 Rennes: CNT 35, BP 30423, 35004 RENNES Cedex, France.
Committee 812 Paris: LAP 393 rue de Vaugirard 75015 PARIS, France.

By email:
comiterennes8decembre [at] riseup.net
let us dance [at] riseup [dot] net
comiteamiens8decembre [at] riseup.net

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Solidarity Campaign For Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Giannis Dimitrakis


Since 24/05/2021, our friend and comrade, anarchist political prisoner Giannis Dimitrakis is being hospitalised at Lamia with heavy injuries from the murderous attack against him at Domokos prison. At the very moment, it appears that Giannis has overcome the danger of the first hours. The injuries that he sustained however, have caused multiple haematoma in the head that influence basic functions of his brain.

On the murderous attack against anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis

Since 24/05, our friend and comrade, anarchist political prisoner Giannis Dimitrakis is being hospitalised at Lamia with heavy injuries from the murderous attack against him at Domokos prison. At the very moment, it appears that Giannis has overcome the danger of the first hours. The injuries that he sustained however, have caused multiple haematoma in the head that influence basic functions of his brain. On Sunday 30/05, many of us gathered outside of the hospital of Lamia. We shouted slogans just a few meters away from his bedroom window to express our solidarity, even though Giannis could not hear us. Since then, his state seems to be improving. For his health to be fully restored, however, continuing monitoring from specialised medical personnel is required for several months. It is obvious that such care cannot be given in the prison environment.

In this critical condition, the scumbags of the New Democracy government, the murderers of prisoners, Michalis Chrisochoidis, Sofia Nicholaou and their minnions, after trying to downgrade and even withhold the incident, decided on Thursday 03/06 the transport of Giannis Dimitrakis back to Domokos prison, going as far as to place him in an isolation cell for Covid prevention purposes. The transfer of our comrade there, while his brain functions remain in immediate danger, is basically like a second murder attempt against him. Domokos prison is scheduled to soon become a discipline prison (type C) for political and undisciplined prisoners, although the prison does not fulfil the requirements to support decent health care that is needed for the recovery of a prisoner with such heavy injuries. After the near murder of Dimitris Koufontinas by the government, while he struggles to recover from his recent hunger strike in the same miserable conditions of the same prison, the murderous attack on Giannis is added to this equation as well. As Assembly of Solidarity with political prisoners and persecuted fighters, and as a solidarity movement in general, we are determined not to let our comrade helpless in their blood stained hands. Nothing can stay unanswered, not one of the death policy managers can be left in peace. As an assembly we generally try to see the issue of prisons system not separated but as a part of the big picture of the social and political issue. In the same way, we see the political prisoners as comrades first, but also as captives of the social-class war that always festers in this cruel capitalist world. In the same way, we understand the legal and prison system, firstly as a state policy determined by the class war, but also as a part of the total policy of the economy, health, education and environment as well. In all these fields, state and capital are moving in a neoliberal approach, attempting to demolish what is left as an obstacle in the way of capitalist development. At the same time, they try to silence every voice of resistance and drown every revolutionary perspective and tradition in sorrow. They use propaganda in order to strengthen their violence and dominance policy. Keeping that in mind, we consider both the specific events and the general state of the Greek prison system as social and political events that mirror the situation outside of prison as well.

The assault on Giannis Dimitrakis, a political prisoner for many years, carried out not by prison officers but by fellow prisoners, is unprecedented in brutality. It has to be analysed with political criteria, the criteria on which we try to base our analysis of every fact of the social life that takes place around us. We can’t see this attack as simply another typical prison incident, like as the prison principal of Domokos described it. This was not just another conflict between prisoners.

Those that hit our comrade with murderous intent, did so because he did what is self evident for any anti-authoritarian: he defended the weak against the strong, even if it meant putting his life at risk. They would not have done so however, without the tolerance of state power. Without state tolerance, the dirty micro-powers of the prison world, in which an anarchist would never participate, wouldn’t act undisturbed as a mafia group, controlling every aspect of prison for their own benefit as well for the benefit of service and state policy.

The government equates terrorism with common vicious crimes in an attempt to diminish the struggle and identify it with organised crime. Giannis stood against the most vicious part of organised crime, in a moral, as well as practical manner. In that way, the state’s narrative was once again shattered and that is why the government has been covering up the incident. Two different worlds collided at the 24th of May. The world of solidarity, selflessness and equality clashed against the world of cruelty and authority.

The cannibalistic and authoritarian violence, the para-state and mafia methods of enforcement and enrichment, those are derivatives of the capitalist world, entangled with state policy. Ιn a closed environment like prison, where everything is under heavy and strict control, this is even more obvious. The small groups of power and the various prison mobs act under a tolerance regime in favour of the state. All around Greece their function strengthens the controlling and fragmenting of prisoners, stifling every attempt of struggle, any demands and acts of collectivisation.

It is clear that the prison managers and their political superiors are the moral accessories of this brutal attack against Giannis Dimitrakis. They must be very satisfied that members of the prison mafia, a creation of their own, tried to end an anarchist that has been giving many struggles, for almost 2 decades now, in every aspect of the social and class war. An anarchist that was in the front lines of the prison riot in Malandrinos at 2007, who has always fought for the unity of all political prisoners and their connection with the poorer proletarians, as well as unruly prisoners, for raising claims inside prison.

Every person responsible for this attack against Giannis Dimitrakis, from first to last, must already know that no political prisoner stands alone. It has been so for decades. Some claim that the anarchist movement, the solidarity assemblies for political prisoners as well as the political prisoners community in Greece (the members of which are intentionally spread around in different prisons, in order to lose contact with each other) is in recession and fragmentation and under brutal government attack. This may be true but that is the reality we have to face and overcome. We need to rediscover the revolutionary memory that they so want to stifle, get back to our feet and make political prisoners solidarity something they fear. We should never let anyone think that a political prisoner or any other unruly prisoner can become a victim of terrorism and vicious attack from any state or para-state mechanism. The struggle of solidarity with political prisoners, as well as the struggle against the prison institution in itself, is part of the general struggle against state and capital.

Immediate transfer of our comrade in a special rehabilitation centre

Hands off political prisoners

Solidarity and strength with Giannis Dimitrakis

Assembly of Solidarity with Prisoners, Fugitives and Persecuted Fighters

Campaign for his court costs and for the termination of the sentence due to his health condition | Link of the solidarity fund for G. Dimitrakis: www.firefund.net/giannis | E-mail for the solidarity fund: synelallil[at]riseup.net


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Solidarity Fund For Imprisoned & Persecuted Revolutionaries From Greece


The Solidarity Fund for imprisoned and persecuted militants was established in 2010 in a circumstance where, on the one hand, a hard capitalist restructuring was carried out under the guise of the “economic crisis” and, on the other hand, the radical movement, having very recent memories from the experience of the social revolt of December ’08, was in full bloom. Under those circumstances, repression became even more intense, resulting in an ever-increasing number of political prisoners. It is precisely in this context that the Solidarity Fund was formed, initially setting out to provide regular and consistent support to those persecuted or imprisoned for their subversive action or for their participation in social struggles. The basic aim of the structure is to ensure decent living conditions for the imprisoned comrades through a process that would take place within the political movement; thereby taking the material dimension of solidarity a step beyond close family, friendly and comrade relationships, as well as to help with the immediate coverage of emergencies (such as court expenses and bails for the persecuted). Yet, the actions of practical solidarity and the building and development of communication bridges and united struggles between those inside prisons and those outside of it, remain as priorities of the people who form and sustain the structure.


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Week Of International Agitation In Support Of The Prisoners Of The Revolt In Chile Jan. 13-19.



More than 80 days after the social outbreak in Chile, the struggle and social organisation persists in the unwavering conviction of confronting and breaking with the model of power and economy that has perpetuated inequalities, injustices and abuses for decades.

Undoubtedly the revolt that still breathes in Chile means this is a turning point with no return, it is within a long journey of struggle that has also brought with it a hard cost: hundreds and hundreds of prisoners of the revolt that are today in the different prisons in this territory. Each week this number increases and in an obvious phenomenon of mass incarceration the State seeks to intimidate and criminalise social protest. We speak of political prisoners of the revolt because of the fact of the mass imprisonment of social fighters after the outbreak of October 18th, responding to a political decision of the State and not to technical/legal criteria, understanding the complicity between the different powers of the State in order to perpetuate the existing model of control. That is why we make this call for international solidarity with the prisoners of the revolt in order to reveal the political condition of their imprisonment and demand their immediate freedom. We extend this call appealing to the multiple initiatives and solidarity actions that arise in each territory.





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Anti-Fascist & Anarchist Oleg Serebrennikov Needs Your Help & Solidarity!


Anarchist Black Cross Moscow (ABC - Moscow) is calling for solidarity to help the anti-fascist and anarchist Oleg Serebrennikov. For more than ten years, Oleg has actively participated in the anarchist and anti-fascist movements in Russia and in Izhevsk. He has worked with the ABC – Moscow collective, and has aided detainees and arrested anti-fascists and anarchists within Izhevsk, helping them look for lawyers; he has been very vocal concerning police and state repression against anti-fascists in the city; he has also actively participated in solidarity actions in support of imprisoned anti-fascists and social activists. Due to serious problems with his health which arose after an attack by Neo-Nazis on Oleg in 2004, he is in dire need of help.

Please share the story Oleg's case within your communities, organise solidarity concerts and events, and/or even write a letter to him for support. Additionally, it is simple to transfer funds to his fund (see the bank accounts provided below)

Please read Oleg's letter below, in which he, in detail, describes his situation

«Hello, my name is Oleg Serebrennikov. I'm 33 years old and I’ve been an anti-fascist and a socialist for more than 15 years. I am one of the few people who was at the origin of the anti-fascist movement in Izhevsk.

During all that time, the Nazis and the police have been preventing me from living a normal life; there were many attacks, threats and acts of intimidation from the neo-Nazis. In addition to those actions, the local police have been trying to initiate criminal proceedings etc.

Since 2001, I have actively participated in the anarchist and anti-fascist movement in Izhevsk and Russia. It consisted of the movement "Autonomous Action" (2005-12), and. for many years, I was a regional coordinator of Autonomous action-Izhevsk. I participated in many libertarian and anti-fascist meetings and conferences.

I was a member of the Russian Social Forum in 2005, I helped in organising seminars on counter forum against the Group of Eight Summit in St. Petersburg, 2006. Between 2005-09, I organised and participated in the student union and the campaign against the privatisation of education in Izhevsk. I was also actively involved in the meetings and social protests held in Izhevsk concerning the issues of housing and communal services, travel documents on public transport, point construction and other problems.

I was also actively involved in the anti-fascist struggle, carried out various anti-fascist street actions, cultural events, organised and conducted screenings of anti-fascist and socialist cinema in the student autonomous Cinema Club, blogged about Izhevsk and wrote articles about neo-Nazis in the local newspaper.

I also worked with Anarchist Black Cross Moscow, a group that has been the active online editor of the largest anarchist and anti-fascist site of the former USSR and avtonom.org


On 23 February 2004, after a protest against the war in Chechnya, some Nazis attacked me and almost killed me. There were about 20-25 people, and it ended badly for me – I was taken to hospital and diagnosed a brain contusion with hemorrhage, craniocerebral injury and a number of other problems. Unfortunately, I have not received any adequate treatment at an early stage of the illness, so, a few years later my health condition started deteriorating dramatically.

In 10 years I started having a strong health deterioration. I almost can’t work because of my need for constant treatment. Twice a year I have to get treatment in various hospitals and clinics and, generally speaking, I feel that my condition is becoming much worse.

 The treatment I need to get is very expensive (2000 euro per year) and, due to my lack of funds, I can only pay a small part of the treatment. Sometimes I’ve received financial support from Anarchist Black Cross, which was very important and helpful for me. But I am now in need of assistance, without which I cannot continue my treatment. I would be very grateful if you could help me somehow.

More details:

My name is Oleg Serebrennikov; I live in Izhevsk, Russia. I am an anti-fascist and human rights activist, and a writer on social affairs. I need help because I have serious health problems due to my having been engaged in human rights and anti-fascist work in my town.

I have advised social activists and ordinary citizens on their rights and freedoms violated by the police, organised workshops focusing on how they can interact with the police offices.  I also organised various street antifascist activities (demonstrations, public protests, rallies), as well as cultural events: an anti-fascist film club, and a a socialist cinema club at the University of Izhevsk, as well as different activities related to feminism, social and environmental issues.

As a journalist, I overviewed local right-wing organisations and groups, denouncing their crimes against the citizens. I also informed people about the illegal activities of such groups.

After having started my human rights activities, I faced a problematic situation with the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and neo-Nazis groups.

On 23 February 2004 after a protest against the war in Chechnya, I was attacked by some 20 neo-Nazis armed with iron rods, canes and knives. I was severely beaten, received a serious head injury and spent several hours unconscious.

Then, after having spent more than 3 months in different hospitals, the problems related to my brain injury didn’t disappear. Some neo-Nazis who participated in the attack came to “visit” me in a hospital several times, threatening that they would kill me if I didn’t drop my investigations.

In the hospital I was diagnosed a severe brain contusion - a brain hemorrhage. One of the attackers was Jan Krasnovski – a grandson of the famous Soviet small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov (AK-47). His powerful relatives pressured the doctors and did everything they could to prevent me from receiving an appropriate treatment.

So, because of the poor quality of the initial treatment, my health problems became chronic. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been suffering terrible headaches, dizziness, disability of some brain functions (poor attention and memory, amnesia), weakness and fatigue. Such ordinary things like going shopping or walking are now tiresome and tedious for me. Due to the constant psychological pressure from the police and neo-Nazis (surveillance, telephone tapping, opening falsified criminal cases against me), I have severe depression.

For 10 years following the injury I’ve been treated 2-3 times a year in different hospitals and clinics of Izhevsk but my health is still seriously deteriorating. Due to the fact that I constantly have to be under treatment in hospitals and need medical care, I’m not able to have a permanent job and pay for the treatment.


In 2007 I investigated the assassination of anti-fascist activist Stanislav Korepanov committed by neo-Nazis in Izhevsk in the spring of 2007.


I collected data and photos of Nazi attackers and then, with the help of lawyers, I passed this information to the investigating authorities. This data was used to arrest 2 people and aided in the prosecution of about 20 neo-Nazis. That was why the local neo-Nazis decided to call a group of their comrades from other cities to kill me. I was threatened over the phone and waited at my workplace. I reported the circumstances to the police, but they refused to deal with that. Therefore, I had to leave the city for a few months.

After that, there were some more intents to attack me, but I managed to defend myself.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in their activities: in 2010, a group of neo-Nazis tried to set fire to the apartment where my family and I live. They painted swastikas and the phrase "Oleg, you're dead" in the entrance hall of my apartment. They also shot the window of my apartment and threw some burning object to the balcony. It was by chance that no one was hurt during that attack: I could smell the fire and called the fire department.


After that, I submitted a complaint to the police and asked for them to institute proceedings against the Nazis that were trying to set fire to my apartment. The case was initiated. I recognised that the arsonists were neo-Nazis, but the police didn’t handle it properly and no one was imprisoned. The police officers gave me a hint that they were not especially interested in the investigation of that case.

In the summer of 2011 a group of neo-Nazis threw stones at the windows of my apartment. I definitely recognised a group of local neo-Nazis, but the police didn’t initiate any proceeding.

On 15 October 2012 - a group of neo-Nazis once again threw stones to my window. The window was broken, but the police only came in 2 hours, although I called them immediately. I told the police officers that I saw the man who had thrown the stones, and that he was known as a neo-Nazi activist. However, the police again did nothing.

After that, the threats from neo-Nazis continued.  Since the neo-Nazis attack in 2004, I have had to be hospitalised 2 o 3 times a year. Unfortunately, my health is constantly deteriorating, so I’m almost not able to work.

Treatment is very expensive (2000 euros a year) and my means are only enough for a small part of the treatment. I am being helped byABC-Moscow, whose aid has been very important and useful to me. But this help is not enough. I would be very grateful to you if you helped me with treatment.  If you want to ask any questions or anything to clarify, please write to e-mail [email protected],

Oleg Serebrennikov. »

Bank account details:

Bank account holder: Oleg Serebrennikov
Address of the account holder: 21 - Apt.124, 10 Let Oktyabrya Str., Izhevsk, 426011, Russia.
Account number: 40817978608040002069 (Euro)

Bank name and address: Alfa-Bank, 27 Kalanchevskaya Str, Moscow, 107078, Russian Federation

Correspondent Bank of Benificiary's Bank:
COMMERZBANK AG, Franfurt am Main
Acc. With corresp / Bank № 400886894501EUR

You can also transfer money for treatment via Paypal address Oleg [email protected]

Also you can make a money transfer for Serebrennikov of Oleg through bank and other accounts of the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow

Bank accounts (write please "donation for Serebrennikov Oleg" or "donation for Oleg")

Beneficiary bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, Russia SWIFT code: ALFARUMM Beneficiary account number: № 40817978004230006660 Beneficiary full name: MIRYASOVA OLGA ALEKSANDROVNA

Beneficiary bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, Russia SWIFT code: ALFARUMM Beneficiary account number: № 40817840204230006802 Beneficiary full name: MIRYASOVA OLGA ALEKSANDROVNA

You may donate to us to the following internet purse:
Yandex.Money Яндекс.Деньги 41001188576819 (system only works in Russian language, instructions in in http://money.yandex.ru/prepaid.xml)

Our Paypal is [email protected]

Please note that currently for our Paypal account, withdrawing in euro is free of cost, but in order to withdraw dollars, they must be converted to euros with internal exchange rate of paypal which means almost 10% losses – that is a lot of money and even Western Union may be more cheap.


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Act Now To Save Mumia’s Eyesight And To Demand His Release!


Mumia’s vision has rapidly deteriorated. It has been confirmed that Mumia currently suffers conditions that seriously threaten his eyesight. These include glaucoma, a vitreous detachment and cataracts in both eyes. This threat seriously jeopardises his life and well-being, as well as his journalistic profession.

An outside eye doctor is recommending surgical procedures to remove the cataracts on both eyes, but SCI-Mahanoy Doctor Courtney Rodgers is delaying scheduling the needed examinations and surgeries with Mumia's outside ophthalmologist. Rodgers works for Correct Care Solutions, a notorious for-profit prison and immigration detention medical company that, according to the Project on Government Oversight, has been sued at least 1,395 times with complaints alleging a range of charges, including wrongful death, malpractice and inadequate healthcare.

Meanwhile Mumia faces increasing nerve damage to his eyes. He is unable to read or do other things requiring normal vision. This delay echoes the years of delays Mumia experienced getting treatment for hepatitis C. By the time the DOC was finally forced by Federal Court to treat Mumia with the Hep C cure, it was too late to prevent cirrhosis of the liver.

African Americans are 1.5 times more likely to develop cataracts than the general population and five times more likely to develop related blindness.

Not only is his overall health deteriorating as he is threatened by permanent blindness, his failure now to receive the immediate attention he requires is cruel and unusual punishment, especially as an innocent man who has been unjustly incarcerated for almost four decades.

Furthermore, considering his multiple ailments and the threat of blindness, we demand that Pennsylvania officials allow a real and humane “compassionate release” now, not the “fake compassionate release” of transfers from prison to care facilities that Pennsylvania will only grant when a prisoner is within a year of dying. Mumia’s family, friends and supporters are ready now to provide the healthcare Mumia requires if he were home.

Mumia is not alone in enduring these cruel and unusual assaults on the health of those ageing and ill behind prison walls. According to Bureau of Justice statistics, over 130,000 of U.S. prisoners are elderly, a 400% increase between 1993 and 2013. Mumia himself has noted the significant number of those confined at his own prison who suffer similar life-threatening illnesses that require immediate attention. Across the nation elderly prisoners experience a torturous journey toward the end of their lives without any “compassionate release.” Once again, as we fight for Mumia’s right to treatment and for his release, we fight for the freedom of all the imprisoned from mass incarceration’s cruel and unusual conditions.

Mumia Abu-Jamal should receive cataract surgery immediately!

Mumia should be released now not only because he can receive better healthcare outside of prison but also because he is an innocent man!


1. Sign the petition

2. Call: Dr Courtney P Rodgers - 570-773-2150 and SCI Mahanoy Superintendent Theresa A. Delbalso - (570) 773-2158

Tell them to approve Mumia’s cataract surgery immediately.

3. Call: PA Gov. Tom Wolf - 717-787-2500; PA DOC Secretary John Wetzel - 717.728.2573; Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner - 215-686-8000

Tell them to release Mumia Abu-Jamal NOW because he can receive better healthcare outside of prison and also because he is an innocent man!

To: Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, PA Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel, SCI Mahanoy Superintendent Theresa A. Delbalso, Dr. Courtney P Rodgers

From: [your name]

Mumia’s vision has rapidly deteriorated. It has been confirmed that Mumia currently suffers conditions that seriously threaten his eyesight. These include glaucoma, a vitreous detachment and cataracts in both eyes. This threat seriously jeopardises his life and well-being, as well as his journalistic profession.

An outside eye doctor is recommending surgical procedures to remove the cataracts on both eyes, but SCI-Mahanoy Doctor Courtney Rodgers is delaying scheduling the needed examinations and surgeries with Mumia's outside ophthalmologist.

Meanwhile Mumia faces increasing nerve damage to his eyes. He is unable to read or do other things requiring normal vision. This delay echoes the years of delays Mumia experienced getting treatment for Hepatitis C. By the time the DOC was finally forced by Federal Court to treat Mumia with the Hep C cure, it was too late to prevent cirrhosis of the liver.

African Americans are 1.5 times more likely to develop cataracts than the general population and five times more likely to develop related blindness.

Not only is his overall health deteriorating as he is threatened by permanent blindness, the failure now to receive the immediate attention he requires is cruel and unusual punishment, especially as an innocent man who has been unjustly incarcerated for almost four decades.

We urge Mumia’s prison doctors to schedule the cataract surgery immediately.

Furthermore, considering his multiple ailments and the threat of blindness, we demand that Pennsylvania officials allow a real and humane “compassionate release” now, not the “fake compassionate release” of transfers from prison to care facilities that Pennsylvania will only grant when a prisoner is within a year of dying. Mumia’s family, friends and supporters are ready now to provide the healthcare Mumia requires if he were home.

Mumia should be released now not only because he can receive better healthcare outside of prison, but also because he is an innocent man!


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John Bowden Call To Action


John Bowden needs the support of people outside prison in order to increase the likelihood of his release after four decades inside. He was denied parole again in March not for reasons of public safety or rehabilitation but because of his anti-authoritarian political activity. His lawyer’s attempts to appeal to the Ministry of Justice have been ignored, hindering and delaying the possibility of a judicial review of the Parole Board’s decision, which can commence only after the exhaustion of all other avenues appeal.

John was denied parole despite meeting the three primary criteria used to determine the “suitability of release” of life sentence prisoners: 1) he has served more than a sufficient length of time to satisfy the interest of retribution, 2) the relevant professionals believe that he represents no risk to the community and 3) that he could be ‘safely managed’ outside. For more detail, read John’s response to the Board’s decision here.

England and Wales have by far the highest number of people serving indeterminate sentences in western Europe. John is one of many kept in prison well beyond their tariff.

Please write to the Ministry of Justice to demand that the department respond fully and promptly to all communications from John’s lawyer and stop unnecessarily prolonging his imprisonment.

You can write to:

David Gauke
Secretary of State for Justice
102 Petty France

Or contact him via email: [email protected]

Or contact him at the Ministry of Justice: https://contact-moj.dsd.io/correspondence/topic

You can also write to John at:

John Bowden A5026DM
HMP Warren Hill
Grove Road
IP12 3BF


John has written on the subject of the release of life prisoners in his latest article, Who Should Determine When Life Sentenced Prisoners Should Be Released?

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Call For Solidarity With Those Imprisoned During Operazione Scintilla


On Thursday February 7, 2019, at 4:40 a.m., the eviction of the squat "Asilo occupato" (the occupied kindergarden") in Via Alessandria 12 in Turin, occupied since 1995, began. The eviction was carried out as part of the "Operazione Scintilla" ("Operation Spark"). Several hundred Carabinieri in riot gear, police officers and Guardia di finanza with machine guns and plain clothes police not only evicted the house, but also arrested six anarchists. A seventh person is still being searched for.

The charges are serious: formation of a subversive association, incitement to crime and the possession, manufacture and transportation of explosives in a public place. The charges are related to the resistance against the Italian migration regime, namely against the deportation camps/prisons CPR and CIE (Centro per l’Immigrazione e il Rimpatrio = Immigration and Repatriation Centre; Centro di identificazione ed espulsione = Identification and Deportation Centre), more information below.
The Asilo was evicted as part of this operation because the state regards it as the "logistical and operational base" of this "subversive, insurrectional association".

The eviction of the Asilo was delayed by the squatters for 36 hours because some of them had retreated to the roofs. In the meantime, sympathisers organised wild demos in the city, where there were clashes with the police. The Asilo was made uninhabitable in the last few days (destruction inside, bricked up windows, etc.).

During the big solidarity demonstrations there were several arrests and over 300 identity checks. Many arrested people report bruises inflicted by the police when they were arrested. At least four people had to go to the hospital because of their injuries. The accusations for the twelve people arrested at Saturday’s demonstration are devastation, looting, resisting orders, bodily harm and possession of weapons. However, in the meantime, these twelve people who got arrested at the demo are again free but have to report daily to a police station (as of February 13).

*Details of the accusations*

The allegations: formation of a subversive association; incitement to crime; possession, manufacture and transportation of explosives in a public place.

The six persons were arrested at the request of the anti-terror group of the Turin public prosecutor’s office. The indictment is that the accused

"have promoted, constituted, organised and participated in the creation of a subversive association (ex Art. 270 c.p.) which is intended to and can influence national immigration policy through the repeated destruction of the CIE/CPR and through systematic acts of violence and intimidation against the companies involved in the management of the abovementioned structures."
("aver promosso, costituito, organizzato e partecipato a un’associazione sovversiva (ex art. 270 c.p.) diretta e idonea a influire sulle politiche nazionali in materia di immigrazione mediante la ripetuta distruzione dei CIE/CPR e con sistematici atti di violenza e intimidazione nei confronti delle imprese impegnate nella gestione delle sopra indicate strutture di accoglienza")

The arrested are accused of "21 subversive attacks" in various Italian cities: On the one hand, 15 parcels of explosives were allegedly sent to companies in Turin, Bologna, Milan, Rome (French Embassy), Bari and Ravenna; six other explosives affected the offices of the Italian Post Office (Poste Italiane) in Turin, Bologna and Genoa. Poste Italiane was allegedly hit because, as the owner of the airline "MistralAir", it has held the ministerial mandate for deportation flights since 2011.Two of the arrested (together with two yet unidentified persons) are accused of having placed explosive devices in front of Poste Italiane ATMs in Turin on April 30 and June 9, 2016.

"In order to establish contacts within CPR, they threw tennis balls with a multilingual brochure and a mobile phone number with which they agreed simultaneous actions within and outside the CPR structure. Then they put matches and everything needed to start a revolt and setting Fire in packages of biscuits and other goods."

Allegedly, the aim of these actions was to weaken or destroy the CPR’s "capacity" (see

*Practical solidarity*

A lot of money is needed, long prison sentences are imminent – people are very grateful for solidarity contributions to the following account:

Giulia Merlini e Pisano Marco
IBAN IT61Y0347501605CC0011856712
ABI 03475 CAB 01605


You can continue to write letters to and support the remaining Turin prisoners:

Silvia Ruggeri, Casa Circondariale Rebibbia, Via Bartolo Longo 72, 00156 Roma, Italia.

Niccolò Blasi, Casa Circondariale Ferrara, via Arginone 327, 44122 Ferrara FE, Italia.

Giuseppe De Salvatore, Casa Circondariale Ferrara, via Arginone 327, 44122 Ferrara FE, Italia.

Antonio Rizzo, Casa Circondariale Ferrara, via Arginone 327, 44122 Ferrara FE, Italia.

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International Anarchist Defence Fund: Appeal For Action And Solidarity


A-Fund turned one year this September. This was the time when we issued our first call for joining the project last year. It took us another half a year to figure out collective processes and the concept of the fund. We have tried our best to reach out to groups with a call to donate, but so far we haven’t received as much feedback as we were expecting. The lack of publicity results in low number of donations, and this situation can eventually lead to the loss of interest from the side of support-seekers. We would like to provide bigger support, but this involves attracting more donations. We are determined to break this vicious circle. But we need your help.

So, as our next steps, we have identified reaching out to all possible anarchist groups, asking them to spread information about the fund, spread our flyers, put a banner on their websites, putting advertisements in anarchist magazines, etc. But the problem is that we don’t know so many languages and contexts, that’s why we need the help of volunteers from all imaginable countries and regions who would help us compile a comprehensive list of anarchist collectives in their regions, get links to their websites and contacts, identifying sites with open publication, etc.

If you are one of these people, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

You can have a look at our last quarterly report at: https://afund.antirep.net/second-quarterly-report/

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Global Day Of Solidarity With Kevan Thakrar & Against Solitary Confinement


When: Wednesday March 13, 2019 @ 12 noon.

Please join us for a peaceful demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ.

If you cannot make it to London, organise a solidarity demo where ever you are in the world.

The 13th March 2019 marks nine years that Kevan has been held in a Close Supervision Centre (CSC) under conditions of solitary confinement. He was first incarcerated in the CSC after suffering an assault by four prison guards in his cell at HMP Frankland in 2010. He defended himself, for which he was charged with attempted murder and GBH and placed in the CSC system. He won the case brought by his assailants but today, over seven years after he was cleared, remains in the CSC with no indication of when he may leave. His indefinite isolation clearly contravenes the position of the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and on these grounds we demand his immediate release from the CSC system."

What: We are calling for people to organise actions and events in their region. IWOC London will also be organising a demo, with details to be announced. We encourage groups to not only raise awareness about Kevan but to highlight solitary confinement in their own countries and amplify the voices of those behind bars. It is Kevan’s birthday on the 9th of March, and we encourage people also to write letters and birthday cards!

Why: Kevan Thakrar has been fighting for his life for the last 11 years after a wrongful conviction [1]. In 2008 at the aged of 20 Kevan began serving a life sentence, with a minimum term of 35 years, under the highly controversial “joint enterprise” doctrine [2]. Kevan’s refusal to submit to racist abuse from prison guards has made him a target for reprisals. Notably, in 2010 he suffered a premeditated attack in his cell by HMP Frankland guards. When he fought back, he was charged with attempted murder and GBH, and put in solitary confinement, wherein one form or another he remains to this day. The charges were sufficiently brazen that a jury cleared him unanimously in a rare victory against the testimony of prison offices.

Despite his success in court, Kevan has been isolated in Closed Supervision Centres (a ‘prison within a prison’) across the country and currently at HMP Whitemoor. Closed Supervisions Centres are the most extreme form of imprisonment in the UK, modelled on the “supermax” prisons in the United States, and Kevan’s testimony is one of the few sources of information available to those on the outside. They are the ultimate punishment in the British prison system and subject people within them to brutal dehumanisation, degradation and demonisation.

Kevan Thakrar is a crucial voice from inside the UK prison today, writing extensively on the conditions endured by people held in the worst prisons in the country. Read his recently published letter that he sent to the Justice Secretary that details the perpetual injustice of his case[3]. You can also read two historical zines published about the CSC written by Kevan distributed by Bristol Anarchist Black Cross [4]. Kevan continues to suffer both PTSD and further reprisals for shining a light on the abuse suffered by himself and by other incarcerated people but still refuses to stay silent about the abuses of the prisons system in general and the Closed Supervision System in particular.

“All I can ever do is drag some of these events into the light. Ignorance can no longer be an excuse for indifference.” – Kevan Thakrar

Support - Please send IWOC reports from your actions. Email [email protected]

If you would like more information about Kevan or would value support from IWOC to help organise an event/talk/info night, please contact: [email protected]. We have friends, family and comrades of Kevan who are keen to help share his story, as well as an ex-prisoner who was in the CSC who passionately wants to expose the system.

Letter From Kevan:
Wednesday 13th March 2019 marks the 9th anniversary since I was first isolated from the mainstream prison population and detained within the notorious Close Supervision Centre (CSC) system under Prison Rule 46. The majority of this time has been spent in conditions which can accurately be described as Solitary Confinement, but thanks to the support and pressure of those outside, for the last few months I have been in small group isolation instead, mixing with five other guys. It is well known that serious harm is caused by detaining a human being even within the slightly improved environment I currently find myself in, for the shortest period of time. Reports have been published condemning this kind of treatment as long ago as 1997 by Amnesty International, and the prison service even have their own report saying the same things authored by their Chief Medical Officer, Sir Donald Acheson. It is for these reasons that the prison service lie about the conditions. They force me to suffer, officially they do not subject anyone to Solitary Confinement in this country.

They claim that I was sent here to HMP Whitemoor’s CSC to enable me to access an “improved regime” and “psychological risk reduction” so that I can progress out of CSC. The problem is that to date they have never identified any so-called risks to reduce because of the fact that I have been wrongfully selected to the CSC based upon false allegations made by corrupt and racist prison officers at HMP Franklin, which I was subsequently proven innocent of at Newcastle Crown Court December 2011. The focus of psychologists then has been to coerce, manipulate and pressure me into going to the High Secure Hospital Broadmoor so that the prison system no longer has to deal with the problem that they have created.

Why should I go to a Mental Health Hospital to alleviate the pressure on prison service management to get me out of the CSC, rather than fight to be returned to mainstream prison population like I have been doing for the last nine years? So, what is needed instead is an increase in the pressure to progress me which to start with could begin with a protest demonstration to mark the anniversary.

I, therefore, call for the support of everyone willing and able to help me to overcome this challenge by publicising, then turning up for the demo, which will be announced by IWOC, as well as organising actions at embassies and other places where you are.

Thank you all in advance for your support, and I look forward to soon being able to tell you the positive results of your action.

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE
HMP Whitemoor
Long Hill Road
PE15 0PR

Further Information
1. Read more about Kevan’s case and appeal here: https://justiceforkevan.org/
2. www.theguardian.com/law/2018/jan/25/senior-tories-urge-government-to-review-joint-enterprise-laws To learn more about Joint Enterprise, check out grassroots campaign JENGBA visit www.jointenterprise.co/
3. Kevan Thakar Letter 10th October 18
4. CSC Zines – https://bristolabc.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/close-supervision-centres-in-the-uk-2-a-brief-follow-up/

Action Alert: Stop The Harassment Of Kevan Thakrar


Kevan Thakrar is a miscarriage of justice prisoner who has served over a decade in prison. He was moved to the Close Supervision Centre at HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire in July and is now being subjected to an even more repressive regime, as well as targeted harassment from prison officers.

Kevan repeatedly challenges his conditions and captivity with complaints and legal challenges, many often against prisoner officers and members of the Prison Officers Association. In retaliation, the Prison Officers Association have been actively encouraging officers to try to get Kevan moved to a different prison. Staff have been trying provoke an incident after Kevan’s requests for them to wear body-worn cameras (for his own protection, following incidents of physical violence inflicted against Kevan in the past).

On Thursday August 16, Kevan was put on an even more brutal regime. He is now locked up 23 hours a day. He has 30mins outside and 30mins to shower, make phone calls or do anything else he needs to do. When he is unlocked, everyone else in the CSC is locked in. This is creating animosity between the prisoners (a desired effect for the officers).

Kevan has requested to see the Governor and has so far been refused. His planned meeting with the prison’s Diversity Officer was also refused by the Governor.

Close Supervision Centres are designed to break human beings. Most people leave and enter psychiatric custody following what they are subjected to. Kirsty White, head of the CSC unit has told Kevan the reason for his restricted regime is that Kevan’s PTSD is being triggered and that he is clearly “distressed” because he is asking for body-worn cameras. Kevan developed PTSD after experiencing extreme racial, physical and sexual abuse at HMP Frankland in 2010.

Kevan has been fighting for his life as a miscarriage of justice for the past 11 years. Learn about his case. He has been kept in solitary confinement for over 8 years. You can read more about his experience in prison here.
What you can do

Follow the IWOC on facebook for updates on upcoming demonstrations

1. Please contact the Head Governor Will Styles at HMP Whitemoor:

Address: HMP Whitemoor, Longhill Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0PR
Tel: 01354 602 350
Fax: 01354 602 351
Email: [email protected]

2. Write to the Justice Secretary, David Gauke MP:

Email: [email protected]

Or contact him via the Ministry of Justice: https://contact-moj.dsd.io/correspondence/topic

3. Write to the MP of the area, Steve Barclay: http://stevebarclay.net/contact/

4. Complain to the Prison Officers Association: [email protected]

5. Write to Kevan:

Write to Kevan! He needs your support and solidarity. Send letters to:

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE
HMP Whitemoor
Longhill Road
PE15 0PR

You can also use emailaprisoner.com

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Jock Palfreeman Denied Parole


Last week in Sofia, Bulgaria, 32-year-old anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman was denied parole on his 20-year prison sentence for murder. Jock was convicted in 2009 of the stabbing murder of Andrei Monov and the attempted murder of Anton Zahariev. The death occurred after Jock went to the aid of two Roma boys who were being attacked by a racist gang in Sofia in December 2007; he has now spent over 11 years behind bars as a result. All appeals against the conviction and sentence — along with attempts to convince Bulgarian authorities to allow him to serve the rest of his sentence in Australia — have failed, and it seems likely that Jock will not be released until the full 20-year sentence has been served.

Coming to terms with serving such a lengthy sentence in a foreign country is obviously a difficult matter, but during the course of his incarceration Jock has remained politically-active. Thus Jock has been an outspoken prisoners’ rights advocate throughout his term and in 2012 Jock was instrumental in establishing the ‘Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association’ (BPRA), the first organisation of its kind in the country. In 2015 he was even nominated for a human rights award for his work in this field. Despite operating within a very hostile political environment, Jock’s work and that of the BPRA has nonetheless won recognition and support by some outside Sofia prison’s walls, and it’s hoped that reform within the prison system might be accompanied by positive changes outside of it — as unlikely as that may presently seem.

While far from being a household name in his native Australia, Jock’s case has received some media coverage, including on two ABC-TV shows (‘Australian Story’ in 2011 and ‘Foreign Correspondent’ in 2009) and is the subject of a 2013 book, Every Parent’s Nightmare, by journalist Belinda Hawkins. Green Left Weekly has also been following the case, and regularly provides updates. In addition, a small number of activists in Australia continue to to take action to support Jock and the BPRA, and merchandise produced by and for the union is often seen on display at various anti-fascist and anti-racist events across the country. Before his death, veteran Australian-Bulgarian anarchist Jack Granchraoff (1925–2016) also expressed support for Jock.

Outside of Australia, Brighton ABC and other groups and networks have been supporting Jock, and in 2014 anti-fascists in the United States organised ‘A Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman’ (July 25); the following year, this became the ‘International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners’, drawing attention to Jock’s case along with those of dozens of other imprisoned anti-fascists.

The court’s decision to deny Jock parole was preceded in April by his taking part in a hunger-strike in order to protest maltreatment at the hands of prison authorities. The strike ended in May after 33 days. According to one report:

Palfreeman’s lawyer Kalin Angelov said the hunger strike had been in response to Bulgarian authorities cracking down on the Australian for exposing corruption in the country’s prison system and the abuse of inmates.

Mr Angelov said Palfreeman had been a model inmate with a completely clean record, until a new national government was elected in May 2017. The incoming administration then began to systematically wind back his privileges, his lawyer said.

Mr Angelov said his client had been sacked from his prison job, banned from receiving visitors and denied access to phone cards to contact the outside world.

This was not the first time Jock and of course other prisoners have been punished by authorities for trying to improve their conditions, and/or to address abuse and corruption within the prison system. Bulgaria itself is known as being both the poorest and the ‘most corrupt’ country in the European Union, with a small but significant far-right movement, including government parties, organised under the umbrella of the ‘United Patriots’. (Oddly enough, the defunct Australian far-right groupuscule the ‘United Patriots Front’ helped inspire the Christchurch killer Brenton Tarrant, whose activities in Bulgaria remain the subject of investigation.)


Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman Is On Hunger Strike


Since this Sunday, April 21st, Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association Chairman of the Board Jock Palfreeman is on hunger strike as a protest against the corruption and abuse of power by the management of Sofia Prison, and in particular, the chief of staff, Desilav Angelov Traykov.

You can send messages of solidarity with Jock’s hunger strike to the Bulgarian Justice Ministry (Министерство На Правосъдието) here:


You could even leave a message on their Facebook page HERE

When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Is A Duty!

(via Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association)

Stop The Repression Of The Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association & Its Founder Jock Palfreeman!


Jock Palfreeman is a 29-year-old Australian anti-fascist who had the courage to stand up against 16 neo-Nazis on a night out in Sofia, Bulgaria. He witnessed the fascists chasing and attacking two young Roma boys. Jock ran to the boys' aid, he did his best to keep the Nazis at bay by waving a knife at them but they attacked him. Jock was left with nowhere to run and had no choice but to defend himself. Andrey Monov, one of the Nazis, and a son of a prominent politician, was stabbed and killed and another, Antoan Zahariev, was injured. The Roma boys ran away.

Jock has since been tried for murder and attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, in addition to a fine of 375,000 Australian dollars, in a trial that didn’t even try to give any resemblance of “fairness”.

More about his case: www.brightonabc.org.uk/jock.html

During his time inside Jock founded the Bulgarian Association of Prisoners, the first ever official prisoners union in Bulgaria. The BPRA has had many successes in struggle to establish better conditions for prisoners and against the arbitrary rule of the prison authorities. For this reason Jock and his comrades became a target of repression. Recently he had been charged by the prison administration with the distribution of BPRA stickers. According to the authorities, stickers with a slogan “When injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes a duty” are promoting racism and are hate speech! No-one explained against which race or national group those stickers are supposed to be directed, but as a result Jock had been stripped of all privileges for a period of 2 years. That means he had been stopped from continuing his university studies, his visits have been severely limited, he is not allowed any of the supervised leave that he had previously been granted and he has been refused any paid work.

This is a clearly fabricated charge and Jock, an anti-fascist prisoner, must be the only person in Bulgarian prison ever prosecuted for racism! This is an act of vindictive repression against him and all those connected with BPRA as the authorities are clearly unhappy about their activity. They need our solidarity.

What can you do?

– Sign the online petition:

– Send a protest email or letter to the Minister of Justice, Tsetska Tsacheva, and demand that the repression against Jock and others associated with BPRA cease, and that his privileges are reinstated:

email to: [email protected]

mail to:
Tsetska Tsacheva
Minister of Justice
ul. "Slavyanska" 1
1000 Sofia Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria

– organise a solidarity protest outside the Bulgarian embassy or consulate nearest you
[www.embassy-worldwide.com/country/bulgaria/ for list of places worldwide]

– spread the information about this case

– donate to the BPRA: http://bpra.info/en/home/

– write to Jock with messages of support:
Jock Palfreeman,
Kazichene Prison,
Kazichene 1532,
Region Pancherevo,

Brighton Anarchist Black Cross

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Urgent! Take Action To Support Herman Bell's Freedom Today


Certain Days founder and one of its inside editors, political prisoner Herman Bell urgently needs your help. As you may know, Herman was recently granted parole. Unfortunately since then, there has been a major campaign of intimidation and threats and being heaped upon both Herman and the Parole Board for their decision. We want to make sure that Governor Andrew Cuomo, other elected people and the public hear how much support Herman has, and allow his parole to continue as planned - immediately.

Herman has dedicated his life to helping others. For those of us who have been lucky enough to work alongside him on the calendar for almost 20 years, we know him to be a kind and extremely thoughtful person. He has supported and mentored those around him, on both sides of the walls, and he is a continuous inspiration to all of us in organising for a better world.

Please join us, and take a few minutes right now to support Herman by taking these 3 simple and concrete actions. We need to keep up the pressure until Herman comes home. You can do these actions every day, and help counter the nonsense coming from police unions and right-wing publications.

In solidarity,

The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar collective


Three weeks ago, the New York State Board of Parole granted Herman Bell release. Since the Board's decision, there has been significant backlash from the Police Benevolent Association, Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo. They are demanding that Herman be held indefinitely, the Parole Commissioners who voted for his release be fired, and that people convicted of killing police be left to die in prison.

We want the Governor, policymakers, and public to know that we strongly support the Parole Board's lawful, just and merciful decision. We also want to show support for the recent changes to the Board, including the appointment of new Commissioners and the direction of the new parole regulations, which base release decisions more on who a person is today and their accomplishments while in prison than on the nature of their crime.

Herman has a community of friends, family and loved ones eagerly awaiting his return. At 70 years old and after 45 years inside, it is time for Herman to come home.

Here are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to support Herman Bell:

1-CALL New York State Governor Cuomo's Office (010) 518-474-8390

2-EMAIL New York State Governor Cuomo's Office


3-TWEET at Governor Cuomo: use the following sample tweet:

"@NYGovCuomo: stand by the Parole Board's lawful & just decision to release Herman Bell. At 70 years old and after more than 40 years of incarceration, his release is overdue. #BringHermanHome."

Script for phone calls and emails:

"Governor Cuomo, my name is _________ and I am a resident of [New York State/other state/other country]. I support the Parole Board's decision to release Herman Bell and urge you and the Board to stand by the decision. I also support the recent appointment of new Parole Board Commissioners, and the direction of the new parole regulations, which base release decisions more on who a person is today than on the nature of their crime committed years ago. Returning Herman to his friends and family will help the heal the many harms caused by crime and decades of incarceration. The Board's decision was just, merciful and lawful, and it will benefit our communities and New York State as a whole."

Certain Days - Freedom for Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War Calendar

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Support Anarchist Political Prisoner Evgeny Karakashev


We call for solidarity and support for the Crimean anarchist Evgeny Karakashev. The collection of funds for the work of a lawyer and paying for support parcels has already begun.

Evgeny was born on August 21, 1978. He lives in Yevpatoria, Crimea. He is a leftist activist with anarchist beliefs. On February 1, 2018, Karakashev was detained, and on February 2, 2018, arrested on suspicion of committing crimes under Part 1 of Art. 282 (the incitement of hatred and enmity) and Part 2 of Art. 205.2 (public calls for terrorism) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He is in custody from February 2nd 2018.

Case description

On February 1, 2018, Evgeny Karakashev was detained by police officers in Yevpatoriya. Journalist Alyona Savchuk wrote in Facebook that on the day of his arrest, Karakashev was searched. "They took him violently: some men in civilian clothes broke into flat, did not introduce themselves, immediately laid him on the floor, grabbed [his arms and] handcuffed him behind his back. Evgeny says that he stayed in handcuffs until [they reached] the temporary detention facility. On his right forehead is a huge abrasion. Only in the evening [was he allowed to] call a friend and ask for a lawyer to be found," Savchuk said. "The investigator Abushayev said that he does not remember how long Karakashev had been handcuffed - 5 minutes or 3 hours - and that Karakashev voluntarily agreed to an «offer» to go to police department".

On February 2, 2018, the Evpatoria City Court ordered Evgeny to be detained for 2 months on suspicion of committing «incitement of hatred and enmity» and «public calls for terrorism».

It appears from the order on the institution of criminal proceedings, according to the investigation, Karakashev published a video on one of his pages in social network VKontakte at the end of 2014, which allegedly calls for terrorism. In addition, according to the order, in January 2017, he posted from another account in a chat room for 35 people a text that contains signs of «propaganda of the ideology of violence» and «calls for terrorist activities». It is not specified exactly what Karakashev published, however, the document says that the experts investigated «teletext, starting with the words "use grenade against" and ending with the words "in the windows of authorities, good luck"».

It is obvious that the reason for initiating the criminal case was the video 'Video Appeal of the Primorsky Partisans' published in the social network VKontakte, in which partisans explain the motives of their actions. This video is recognised in Russia as an extremist one, as it "incites hatred towards a particular social group" [i.e. the police].

According to lawyer Alexei Ladin, Evgeny Karakashev himself believes that the initiation of a criminal case against him and the subsequent arrest are related to his activism: he opposed the construction in a resort zone near Yevpatoriya close to a salt lake. Evgeny is an anarchist and anti-fascist. Karakashev always took an active civil position, such as taking part in a protest near the FSB building in the city of Simferopol, and in November 2016, he planned to hold an action "against police brutality in the Crimea" near the building of the Ministry of the Interior of Evpatoria. The latter action was banned by the local authorities. After this incident, Evgeny was called by the staff of the so-called law enforcement agencies and invited to an interview to give explanations. Evgeny refused to give any testimonies.

Signs of political motivation for persecution

It is highly probable that the criminal case against Evgeny Karakashev was initiated in the context of his oppositional public and political activities as a participant of protest actions in the Crimea. In the context of the persecution of left-wing activists and anti-fascists since January 2018, the motivation for Karakashev's case seems highly politically.

Thus, the circumstances of the persecution allow us to believe that the detention of Evgeny Karakashev was used to stop his public activities. At the same time, detention was applied in violation of the right to a fair trial, other rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and was based on the tampering with evidence of the alleged crime in the absence of elements of a misdemeanour offence.

How you can help: You can transfer money with the Paypal system: our address is [email protected] [please mention "for Evgeny Karakashev"]

Prison address of Evgeni:
Karakashev Evgeni Vitalevich, bul. Lenina 4, 295006 Simferopol, Respublika Krym, Russia.
Note that in remand prisons, only letters in Russian are accepted.

Moscow ABC

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Protest The Abuse And Illegal Treatment Of Kevan Thakrar


Kevan Thakrar has been moved to Long Lartin prison. Although Long Lartin does not have an official Close Supervision Centre, he remains in solitary confinement. Kevan gets very little time (less than an hour) out of his cell each day and then has to exercise in what amounts to a cage.

For example;
Sunlight and ventilation in his cell is restricted by rubbish just outside his window
He often is forced to shower in cold water because of a broken boiler which is not being replaced
He is allowed only one phone call daily
The toilet is filthy and he has no privacy when using it
The cell has virtually no furniture and no storage space
His personal property from the previous prison is still being withheld
He is being denied the medical care he needs
He is denied any physical contact with visitors who sit behind a screen
He is not allowed access to the money in his account to which he is entitled so he is unable pay for other phone calls he would be entitled to make
There is no gym, no employment opportunities, no education provision, and no means for him to progress out of solitary.

Please phone the Home Secretary Sajid Javid on 020 7035 4848
Or email: [email protected]
Demand that these abusive conditions be lifted and Kevan be released from solitary and returned to general population immediately.

Kevan suffered a miscarriage of justice when he was convicted of murder under the discredited Joint Enterprise Law. Kevan has been held in Close Supervision Units (CSC), solitary, for more than eight years. He was placed in CSC for defending himself against a racist attack by guards. He was then accused of attacking the guards but successfully defended himself in court. Guards pledged revenge for the justice he won and Kevan has been locked up in solitary ever since. It is urgent that he be returned to general population but this will not happen without public protest -- the prison authorities are doing all they can to frustrate his efforts to get out of solitary.

Both the European Union and the United Nations consider anything longer than two weeks in solitary to be torture.

Please see more about his case on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/JusticeForKev/

Get Kevan Out Of Solitary Confinement


JENGbA is a grassroots campaign supporting prisoners wrongfully convicted using the doctrine of 'joint enterprise'. Joint enterprise is used to convict more than one person of a single offence. It is often used in cases of murder. In the case of Kevan Thakrar he was not even at the scene of the crime when 3 men lost their lives, this was accepted at his trial.

Since his conviction he has been held in various Close Supervision Centres (CSCs) throughout the country for 7 years. CSCs are, in Kev's own words, "the English version of American supermax prisons, indefinite solitary confinement within the most oppressive and brutal environment found in this country. Psychological warfare is used upon its victims on a constant basis, with frequent physical attacks supplementing the arbitrary punishment." As only around 50 prisoners fall victim to the CSC at any one time its existence is largely unknown even amongst the general prison population.

JENGbA now wants to raise funds for Kevan to have an urgent psychological assessment, which will prove vital in proving that it is more damaging for him to be held in the CSC than the main prison estate. This is not only for Kevan, we are hoping that once we raise enough funds to enable Kevan and his family to move forward and get him an urgent assessment, we will also be helping to bring this barbaric punishment regime into the public arena and help others in the same unfortunate circumstances.

Kevan's lawyer, Dean Kingham, says "Long term solitary confinement can have long term adverse effects. It is well documented that progression within the CSC system is limited and there is very little of it. Progression out of the CSC system is rare and difficult to achieve.
The system is often viewed as lacking legitimacy, transparency and has a long term adverse psychological impact on it's residents given its lack of independent scrutiny or external involvement in decision-making.
The longer term potential for psychological deterioration due to the lack of meaningful activities and very nature of the detention is very real.
We are seeking to obtain an independent psychological assessment to ensure that there is transparency, legitimacy and Mr. Thakrar can progress".

Legal Aid is available for psychological assessments of prisoners and Kevan's lawyer has applied. But the delay has been so long that we feel now it is vital that the assessment takes place before his health deteriorates further. Seven years in solitary confinement is an unusual and inhumane punishment for any prisoner, let alone a man who continues to maintain his innocence.

If you can reach out to help Kevan, with any contribution no matter how small, it will be used directly for his assessment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you are unable to help financially at this time, please spread the word and let people know that these places, with their concrete beds and chairs, actually exist in English prisons.


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Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


As people know, ensuring that Robert Seth Hayes receives adequate medical care has been an ongoing struggle over the past 20 years. Seth reports that, when he went to change the sensor on his insulin pump (sensors must be changed every 6 days) on February 23, 2018, he was informed that Sullivan did not have any sensors at the facility.

So for almost two weeks now, Seth does not have a continuous glucose monitoring device (the sensor continuously reads interstitial glucose levels and relays them to the monitor) and has had to rely on his daily finger sticks to determine his sugar levels. Once again, NYS DOCCS is violating Seth's constitutional and human right to adequate health care, in additon to being in stark violation to the United Nations Nelson Mandela Rules on the treatment of prisoners.

The whole point of Seth's having the insulin pump/monitor is because he can no longer tell when his sugars are high or low. It is hard to believe that "medical" personnel at Sullivan have once again failed to order the necessary sensors in a timely fashion.

Please call, write and fax the following people to demand that all supplies for Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280's insulin pump be adequately stocked at the Sullivan clilnic. Be polite but firm. Feel free to email [email protected] to let us know what response you receive. Staff at Sullivan usually state that Superintendent Keyser will not take phone calls and that all complaints must be in writing. If that is the case, ask to speak with guidance and ask for Seth's counsellor.

Carl J. Koenigsmann M.D.
Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer
NYS DOCCS Division of Health Services
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050
Phone: (010) 518-457-7073
Fax: (010) 518-445-7553
[email protected]

Anthony J. Annucci
Acting Commissioner
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050
Phone: (010) 518-457-8126
[email protected]

Superintendent Keyser
Sullivan Correctional Facility
325 Riverside Drive
Fallsburg, New York 12733
(010) 845-434-2080

Emergency Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes!


Just heard from Seth this evening. He had an incident last night, apparently low sugars again. He woke up at around 1 a.m. and his bathrobe was on the floor. He reached over to get it and fell out of bed onto the floor. He was then unable to get up, with his arms and legs flailing about. (Seth also suffers from diabetic neuropathy in his legs.)

He managed to drag himself over to the toilet and used that to somehow pull himself up. It did not occur to him to call out and let folk know he was in trouble. (This happens when his sugars drop, since it affects his thinking.) This morning, he found his glasses in the toilet.

Anyway, he went back to bed and slept for a while. Then he woke up because he was freezing (because his sugars were so low), so he ate a couple of peanut butter cookies and went back to sleep.

In the morning, his sugars were 150. But after breakfast his sugars were over 300 at 11 a.m. In response to this, they apparently put too much insulin into his bolus.

He ate all of his lunch plus a couple more cookies, and his sugars were only 87 when the took them at 4 p.m. So Dr. Wolf said, "You didn't eat enough!" and Seth told her he had eaten all of his food. Then the nurse said, "This pump doesn't work for you."

Whether it is medical incompetence or something else, this is the same thing that happened in the past, giving Seth too much insulin when his sugars are high and then having his sugars become too low. Obviously, medical staff at Sullivan are doing the same thing as when Seth was getting insulin injections. When his sugars are high, they give him too much insulin, and then his sugars become too low. This happened again today. Seth's sugars were almost 400 at 11:30 a.m. So the bollus insulin was too much, and Seth's sugars were at 56 at 4:30 p.m., despite having eaten his entire lunch plus some high sugar items.

Clearly, staff at Sullivan need additional training in the use of the insulin pump. Also, Seth needs to have the monitor as soon as possible as a life-saving measure, as well as the manual for the insulin pump/monitor.

CALL SULLIVAN AT (010) 845-434-2080

Ask to speak with the Superintendent. This will probably not happen. but you can state your concerns to whomever answers the phone. Be sure to get their name.

You can state the following: I am calling on behalf of Robert Seth Hayes, number 74A2280. I am a friend of Mr. Hayes, and am very concerned for his health and well-being. Although Mr. Hayes finally received his insulin pump a while ago, he has not yet been given the accompanying monitor. Additionally, his sugars have been ranging from almost 400 down to as low as 56 within 12 hours.

Since Mr. Hayes can no longer tell when his sugars are high or low, he must be given the monitor as soon as possible as a life-saving measure.

Also, if you work in the healthcare field, let Sullivan know if you are a Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, EMT, etc. This has an impact. If you, a family member or loved one has diabetes, you know how important this is.

Please let us know what day you called and what response you received. Encourage all of your friends, family and co-workers to call as well. Send us an email at [email protected].

Write to Seth:

Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280
Sullivan C.F.
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

Send him a get well card or write him a letter. Seth loves corresponding with people, and it also shows the prison that people are paying attention.

Anne Lamb
NYC Jericho Movement

Seth wants to start a campaign about the issue of the COs, not the doctor and nurses, making medical decisions in the infirmary. Sullivan is supposed to be a regional medical hub, but the doctor and nurses are mostly upstairs in the clinic, and the COs are running the show in the infirmary. I will write this up in a follow-up shortly.

To contribute to ongoing efforts supporting Robert Seth Hayes, please donate online at:

Update On Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes


As people know, Seth has been having serious problems with his blood sugar levels in the past month, especially since finally receiving the insulin pump. While the process of properly calibrating the pump is rather complex, there has also apparently been some medical incompetence in the use of the pump (without the monitor).

Seth’s sugars have, if anything, always tended to run too low, leading to incidents of him passing out, having "Code Blues" called, and being rushed to an outside hospital on an emergency basis. However, since the installation of the pump, his sugars have been running high (in the 200+ to 400+ range). In one recent incident, the infusion set was improperly inserted, and Seth was receiving no insulin whatsoever. His sugars were in the 500-600 range, which is life-threatening.

After one of the nurses arbitrarily removed the pump more than a week ago, stating that Seth was "too delicate" to have it, Dr. Wolf (the prison doctor) has been very concerned, since this is totally undermining her authority as a physician. This occurred during a weekend, when Dr. Wolf is not at Sullivan. (Also, the pump was removed, but the infusion set was still inserted into Seth’s body for 2 days after that. Luckily, he did not develop an infection.)

Dr. Wolf had Seth in the "infirmary" all last week, and that is where I visited him on Father’s Day. The last time I visited Seth when he was in the "infirmary," he was allowed to come up to the regular visiting room. However, this time I had to visit in the "infirmary," which was an educational experience for me. When I arrived to the visiting room, the Sergeant called down to the "infirmary" to ask if Seth could come up to the visiting room. I also asked if I could at least bring down some water and light snackage, and was told that I could not.

When I was on the elevator to the infirmary, I asked the CO, who was not wearing his name badge, when visiting was over, and he told me "We will kick you out of here at 2 p.m." This was fine with me, as the bus driver had requested we all come out with the 2:30 escort.

So Seth and I are in a locked glass-walled small visiting room right in front of the COs’ desk. At around 11:30 a.m., the technician came to do the finger stick. He was very professional, placing the vial of insulin on the table so Seth (and I) could see exactly what he was being injected with. Seth stated that his sugars had been at 70 in the morning, but the fingerstick monitor showed his sugars were 280+. The technician then injected him with 6cc of insulin.

So, the standard practice is that the patient is to eat shortly after receiving the insulin, even if the sugars are high. This is to prevent a precipitous drop and allow for a gradual decline in the sugars. Since the food cart had gone by shortly before that, we had to make sure that Seth got his lunch. Luckily, one of the nurses happened to arrive at that time, and I knocked on the glass to gain her attention. I asked for the lunch tray, but she could not hear me, so I made an eating motion, and she went down to the hall to speak with the COs, and then shook her head. So I made the motion of Seth getting an injection, and she nodded her head and the CO arrived with the food tray within 5 minutes. So kudos to the nurse who did the right thing and did not let herself be intimidated!

So I finally got to see the infamous "Class B" diet that Dr. Koenigsmann insists is an adequate diabetic diet. I don’t know where he went to medical school, but he obviously doesn’t know much about diabetes and nutrition. The lunch consisted of white pasta, a large hamburger on a white roll (with ketchup), and beets, all of which were cold by the time Seth got to eat. (Of course, since Seth’s sugars are high, let’s make sure we give him even more sugar!)

Since they keep giving Seth milk with every meal even though he is lactose intolerant (Seth has had diarrhoea off and on for almost a week), I took the little milk container. This caused the CO (same one who brought me down to the infirmary on the elevator: a tall, slim white guy with glasses) to leap out from behind the desk, rush into the visiting room and come within an inch of physically assaulting me. He was screaming at me "That’s what I thought! You did this on purpose so you can eat his food!" with his fists up as if he was going to hit me. I haven’t seen anyone so enraged in a long time. I remained calm and replied, "I was told when I came in that I could not bring anything to eat in here. I’m only drinking the milk because Seth is lactose intolerant, and this gives him diarrhoea." The thought of anyone actually wanting to eat this food (which I would not serve even to a rat) was so hilarious that Seth and I burst out laughing. We couldn’t help ourselves. We were laughing so hard we were practically in tears. Meanwhile, CO FNU LNU (First Name Unknown Last Name Unknown) quickly locked the bathroom door before once again locking us into the visiting room and Seth literally forced himself to eat the hamburger and some of the beets.

Since the inside bathroom was locked, I asked to use the bathroom and thus got an informal tour of the infirmary. One thing I can certainly say is that it is freezing in there. Seth said that luckily, since all the beds are not occupied, he can grab an extra blanket from one of them.

Since I had been told by this same CO when I came in that visiting in the infirmary ended at 2 p.m., I was not concerned about the time, but it certainly seemed longer than it should have been. (There is no clock.) When the escort came to get me, it was already 3 p.m., so of course that meant I was late for the bus. I guess this was FNU LNU’s petty revenge for me having made sure, with the assistance of the nurse, that Seth was given his food (if you can call it that) in a timely manner. So I commented to the escort that I was late for my bus, and she replied, "That’s your responsibility.’ I replied, "Well, since I was told that infirmary visitation ends at 2 p.m., and since I have not yet developed the ability to pass through locked doors and walls, there wasn’t too much I could do about it."

So I went back up to the regular visiting room with this young woman CO and waited for the rest of the visitors who were there. As we were walking out, we visitors were conversing. People asked where I had been, and I explained that we were visiting in the infirmary, where visitation is supposed to end at 2 p.m. I also commented the FNU LNU seemed to be hyperactive and extremely aggressive and possibly should be given some antipsychotic medication to calm him down.

When I finally arrived outside, it was 3:15 p.m. and the bus was not there. Since the prison now insists we cannot even put our cell phones in the lockers, my phone was also on the bus. I nice woman offered me a ride if I was going toward Albany, and I replied: "Oh, the bus probably went to Woodbourne to pick up people there and will come back for me." Then I saw the bus coming up the hill. Jeff, the bus driver, said the COs said to leave me behind, and I said, "Yes, they did that once at Mohawk when a visitor was caught in the count and they wouldn’t let him leave. I went inside to see what the delay was, and the COs said to leave without him. I replied; "You are COs. You do that. We are community; we don’t leave our people behind." Jeff smiled and said, "Exactly. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and have never left anyone stranded in the middle of nowhere!"

Seth called as I was getting off the bus in the Bronx to see how I was doing. He was concerned because I had not had anything to eat. So I told him not to worry about that and asked what his sugars were at 4 p.m. At that time, his sugars were at 202, but if he hadn’t eaten, they probably would have been at around 60 or 70. Seth is to see Dr. Wolf today, June 19, 2017, to discuss the current situation and see what next steps are. Of course, Seth wants to have the insulin pump and monitor and so does the endocrinologist at Coxsackie.

We have an update from Seth this evening, Monday, June 19, 2017 on the outcome of that conversation with Dr. Wolf. When I asked him what his sugars were today, he told me that not everyone is as professional as the technician who was there on Sunday, and he was not told what his glucose level was. He is still in the infirmary, but hopes to be out of there soon. In the meantime, people can write to Seth:

Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280
Sullivan C.F.
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

Send him a get well card or write him a letter. Seth loves corresponding with people, and it also shows the prison that people are paying attention.

Also, you can call the facility at (010) 845-434-2080. Ask to speak with the Superintendent and state you are concerned about Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280. Be polite but firm and say you are calling to make sure Seth gets the insulin pump and monitor returned to him as a life-saving measure for his diabetes.

Anne Lamb
NYC Jericho Movement

Seth wants to start a campaign about the issue of the COs, not the doctor and nurses, making medical decisions in the infirmary. Sullivan is supposed to be a regional medical hub, but the doctor and nurses are mostly upstairs in the clinic, and the COs are running the show in the infirmary. I will write this up in a follow-up shortly.

To contribute to ongoing efforts supporting Robert Seth Hayes, please donate online at:

NYC Jericho received word on May 9, 2017 from Seth's lawyer, Eve Rosahn, that his Article 78 appeal of his parole denial was also denied. You can read the decision here.

Continuing Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes



Seth suffered another Diabetic Coma or Code Blue on Feb. 5, 2017. This time he fell so hard he broke a tooth and opened a cut above his eye. He reports that he awoke in the shower in a pool of blood and does not really remember passing out. He was taken to the nearest outside hospital with a possible fractured skull, which was ruled out. Seth did suffer a severe concussion and is still having headaches as a result of this. He was kept in the so-called infirmary at Sullivan for two days for observation. Seth reports that being in the infirmary is like being in SHU, all by himself with two COs constantly present and no witnesses except the nurses, who do everything the COs tell them to.

Seth is also concerned because the medical personnel at Sullivan have told him that, even if he gets the insulin pump, he will still need to be monitored three times a day. This is leading Seth to believe that he will be getting an insulin pump without a monitor, which is not what the endocrinologist at Coxsackie told him back in October. Seth absolutely wants the pump with the monitor, as he can no longer tell when his sugars are high or low. He feels that having an insulin pump without the monitor may actually worsen his current situation.


Seth has been suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for over 16 years now. His sugars go up to the 400's, then down so low he falls into a diabetic coma. Each diabetic coma he goes into could end in death if not noticed and treated right away or from a fall such as the one that occurred today.

We are asking that Seth be given an insulin pump/sugar monitor immediately to avert these near fatal incidents. He had consultation with an endocrinologist at Coxsackie in early October 2016 and was told the paperwork to receive a insulin pump would be pushed immediately. On November 20, 2016 Seth wrote a grievance stating he has not heard anything. He has still not received any response to this grievance almost 3 months later. Despite the endocrinologist's recommendation, call in campaigns, and the grievance, it is months later and still no pump.

The NYS DOCCS is completely aware of the situation and is stalling; we cannot afford to have another incident of low sugar. THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH!

Seth's constant extreme fluctuations in sugar levels have led to him no longer being able to tell when his sugars are high or low. The sugar monitor sends a loud warning if his sugars are beginning to get either too high or too low and the pump allows him to use small dosages of insulin when needed along with his eating schedule and daily activity.

In addition, Seth had another incident of low sugar on Monday, November 28, 2016, and was in the infirmary for overnight observation. It really is a matter of life and death that Seth be provided with an insulin pump/sugar monitor as soon as possible.

Seth called on December 4 to state the following:
If Seth's sugars are high in the morning, he is given a dose of Levamir. If his sugars are still high at 11 a.m., he gets a dose of actual insulin. By the time his sugars are checked at 4 p.m. they are usually in the 30's, prompting an emergency response.

We therefore urge you to call, write and fax to demand immediate provision of an Insulin Pump/Sugar Monitor to Robert Seth Hayes 74A2280. Seth needs this device immediately!

The Demands
1. Immediate provision of an Insulin Pump/Sugar Monitor to Robert Seth Hayes 74A2280. Seth needs this device immediately!
2. A Diabetic Diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and all the current recommendations for diabetics. Not the false diabetic diet that is currently being issued. A bologna sandwich on white bread at night is NOT A DIABETIC DIET!

We ask people to please remain calm and respectful but to be clear in these demands.


Carl J. Koenigsmann M.D.
Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer
NYS DOCCS Division of Health Services
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050
Phone: (010) 518-457-7073
Fax: (010) 518-445-7553

Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci
NYS Department of Corrections
and Community Supervision
Harriman State Campus, Building 2
1220 Washington Ave
Albany, New York 12226-2050
Phone: (010) 518-457-8134
Fax: (010) 518-457-0076

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Phone: (010) 518-474-8390
Or Email: https://www.governor.ny.gov/ content/governor-contact-form

Thank You for Your Time & Effort. It has and continues to make a difference!

Write to Seth and let him know he is in our hearts and on our minds:
Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


Please Call, Write and Fax
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nov. 21, 22 & 23!

Seth has been suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for over 15 years now. His sugars go up to the 400’s, then down so low he falls into a diabetic coma. He has had 3 such code blue diabetic comas in the past 2 months. Each diabetic coma he goes into could end in death if not noticed and treated right away.

We are asking that Seth be given an insulin pump/sugar monitor immediately to avert these near fatal incidents. He was seen by an outside Endocrinologist in early October. The endocrinologist recommended he be issued the device. The NYS DOCCS is aware of the situation and is moving in the right direction but it is not fast enough; we cannot afford to have another incident of low sugar.

The sugar monitor sends a loud warning if his sugars are beginning to get either too high or too low and the pump allows him to use small dosages of insulin when needed along with his eating schedule and daily activity.

We therefore urge you to call, write and fax to demand immediate provision of an Insulin Pump/Sugar Monitor to Robert Seth Hayes 74A2280. We are thankful that DOCCS has been more responsive to Seth’s medical needs lately, but Seth needs this device immediately!


Carl J. Koenigsmann M.D.
Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer
NYS DOCCS Division of Health Services
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050, USA.
Phone: (010) 518-457-7073
Fax: (010) 518-445-7553

Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci
NYS Department of Corrections
and Community Supervision
Harriman State Campus, Building 2
1220 Washington Ave
Albany, New York 12226-2050, USA.
Phone: (010) 518-457-8134
Fax: (010) 518-457-0076

Thank You for Your Time & Effort. It has and continues to make a difference!

Write to Seth and let him know he is in our hearts and on our minds:

Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

To contribute to ongoing efforts supporting Robert Seth Hayes, please donate online at:

Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


Seth has been suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for over 15 years now. His sugars go up to the 400’s, then down so low he falls into a diabetic coma. He has had 3 such code blue diabetic comas in the past 2 months. Each diabetic coma he goes into could end in death if not noticed and treated right away.

We are asking that Seth be given an insulin pump/sugar monitor immediately to avert these near fatal incidents. He has just recently been seen by an outside Endocrinologist who recommended he be issued the device. The NYS DOCCS is aware of the situation and is moving in the right direction but it is not fast enough; we cannot afford to have another incident of low sugar. The last coma just happened earlier this week on Monday and Seth had to spend the night in the hospital.

The sugar monitor sends a loud warning if his sugars are beginning to get either too high or too low and the pump allows him to use small dosages of insulin when needed along with his eating schedule and daily activity.
We therefore urge you to call, write and fax to demand immediate provision of an Insulin Pump/Sugar Monitor to Robert Seth Hayes 74A2280. We are thankful that DOCCS has been more responsive to Seth’s medical needs lately, but Seth needs this device immediately!

Please Phone, Write and Fax This Demand Today To:

Carl J. Koenigsmann M.D.
Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer
NYS DOCCS Division of Health Services
Harriman State Campus, Building #2
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12226-2050, USA.
Phone: (010) 518-457-7073
Fax: (010) 518-445-7553

Thank You for Your Time & Effort. It has and continues to make a difference!

Write to Seth and let him know he is in our hearts and on our minds:
Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

To contribute to ongoing efforts supporting Robert Seth Hayes, please donate online at:

Robert Seth Hayes Denied Again At His 10th Parole Board Hearing


Everyone was enraged to report that Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes received notice on June 16, 2016, that he was once again rejected by the Parole Board. This is the tenth time Seth has been to the Board, and the tenth time he has been denied, despite having an excellent record and meeting all the requirements to be released on parole.

His supporters in the US say that there will definitely be an appeal of this denial. In the meantime, please take the time to write to Seth and let him know he is in our hearts and on our minds.

Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility,
P.O. Box 116,
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

Seth Hayes Health & Parole Update


Seth has been breathing much better, but his sugars are not stable, and he still has congestive heart failure. The medical staff has decided that the heart situation was more serious than previously thought and so they have scheduled him to get a pace maker. He had pre-operation tests last week and most likely is undergoing the surgery today. Seth has been encouraged by getting the operation in conversation but we know it is a very serious one and we ask just please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Seth is coming up for parole next month June. If you are interested in writing a support letter there isn't much more time. Details are below. Thank you all for your support and please keep Seth on your minds today and send a him a card at the address below.

Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility,
P.O. Box 116,
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

[see posts below for the background to Seth's situation and for further details of what you can do]

UPDATE: Seth is back in Sullivan and doing well. The pacemaker surgery went well and he was in good spirits. He had a slight fever but he said that was normal after the procedure. [15/05/16]

Robert Seth Hayes 2016 Parole Campaign


Once again, we are preparing for Seth's upcoming parole hearing on June 7, 2016. Since the PBA, the FOP, and the Correctional Officers union are able to collect thousands of signatures against parole, we must work to gain as many signatures and letters of support for Seth as possible. In addition to the online petition, there is a hard copy that can be downloaded here. Since many members of our community do not have regular access to the internet, it is important to use the hard copy and return it to us.

You can also download and print out the parole campaign brochure explaining Seth's case as a way of educating people about the political nature of the case and the parole board's constant denials despite national and international support for Seth's release on parole.

Sign the online petition to Tina M. Stanford, Chairwoman of the NYS Board of Parole, for Seth's Release on Parole in 2016!

Seth has also prepared a fact sheet for those who would like to write letters to the Parole Board on his behalf.

Write to Seth:
Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

Support Robert Seth Hayes' 9th Parole Bid


Robert Seth Hayes has been to the New York state parole board nine times and has been denied each time. His next parole board appearance will be June 7, 2016. Each time, the board—always made of up former law enforcement personnel and former prosecutors—reviews his very impressive record, all the institutional programs participated in and completed, college attended while inside, his job offers, his numerous letters of support from family, friends, and community members from many walks of life. Seth had a petition that received over 1000 signatures at his last trip to the board.

They have before them evidence of all the ways Seth has helped so many people throughout the course of his confinement and is still leading a positive and progressive life despite being locked up now for over four decades. And then they deny him parole based on their opinion that to release him would "deprecate" the serious nature of his charge of conviction. Is this rationale not, in effect, an illegal re-sentencing to life-without-the-possibility-of parole? When one goes to trial, there is a prosecutor, one's defense attorney, a judge, and a jury. When one goes to the parole board, there is only the prosecution.

Seth has taken responsibility for his part in the Black Liberation Movement's resistance to racist authority. He has paid a great price—43+ years of imprisonment thus far. He is going to the New York state parole board for the tenth time in June 2016 and deserves to be paroled, to come home to his family and community.

If you feel you cannot write a letter to the parole board, please take the time to sign the online petition: Release Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280 on Parole in June 2016

Please write your letter to the parole board on professional letterhead.

Please indicate how you know Seth, or if you don't know him personally, how you know of him.

What it would mean to you and the community if Seth was released rather than kept inside?

State what you do for a living and any other pertinent personal details, such as where you live, as well as what ways, if any, you could help Seth, financially or emotionally.

Say why you believe Seth will not commit another crime (i.e. what you know of his personality or interests, his institutional record, etc.)

Your letter should be addressed to:
Attn: Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
Sullivan Correctional Facility
325 Riverside Drive
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, New York 12733-0116

The subject line should be "Robert Seth Hayes 74A-2280"

Mail to Seth's Lawyer:
Eve Rosahn, 125 Frenchtown Road, Shohola, PA 18458.

Seth very much appreciates your efforts and your support.

Dowload the background to Seth & his appeal here.

Robert Seth Hayes Medical Update


Seth was recently at Albany Medical Center for a week and returned to Sullivan on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015. Seth has since said that he is doing much better and is in good spirits. They took a CAT scan of his heart, lungs, blood tests, which showed that there was no heart problem or lung infection; just the build up of fluids. In response there has been an adjustment made tohis diabetes treatment, changing his medication type and amount. He has also been placed on anti-clotting meds due to having to be laying down in the hospital for the entire week. As a consequence, his breath is much better but he has to build up to walking longer distances and exerting himself again, because small amounts of exertion still put him out, but he is excited to start building up strength with the way he feels now.
He of course is unhappy with how long it took to get him hospital attention and the complications that could have been avoided had they taken care of it earlier. However, he is happy to have that problem looked at given how he feels now.
Seth wished to thank all who contacted the prison and will given an update when he is able to get access his records.

Write to Seth:
Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280, Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.
To contribute to ongoing efforts supporting Robert Seth Hayes, please donate online at: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/810a58

Update On Seth Hayes - Now In Outside Hospital


Greetings Everyone, thank you all for those who called, wrote and faxed for Seth! Seth was taken to an outside hospital on Sunday morning unbeknownst to us and we have received confirmation that he is alive and undergoing tests. Though we have not heard directly from him, we are for now are going to call off the call in campaign until we find the results of these actions. We are hopeful but not naïve, we are so thankful for people's vigilance and we will keep you abreast to the situation as it unfolds. We know ultimately Seth needs to come home to get healthy. Prison life is not meant for health. He goes to parole this year for 9th time, not including other parole denials in between the two year hits. Being outside prison he could receive true medical, family, nutrition and other related aspects of life that can contribute to the immense healing process that is needed.

Urgent Need To Support Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes


As many of you know, Seth has had a chronic cough since May of this year for which he did not receive any diagnosis or treatment for many months.
When Seth finally saw the pulmonologist at Coxsackie on Monday, November 2, the doctor wanted to know why the medical personnel at Sullivan had waited so long to bring Seth for a pulmonary exam. The pulmonologist intends to schedule for Seth a CT scan, a CT scan of his heart, and bloodwork. The pulmonologist thought there might be some infection, but needs more info.
In addition, the facility doctor (Dr. Sidorowicz) told Seth to come to the clinic to use the nebulizer whenever he feels short of breath. Seth has been using an inhaler twice a day (Seth does not get to carry his inhaler, and so needs to go to medical when he gets short of breath) and also the nebulizer twice a day for a while now, although he does not yet have a diagnosis of the cause of this chronic cough.
On a prior occasion about 10 days ago, C.O. Slater, who was accompanying Seth to the clinic, stated that Seth did not really need the nebulizer. Then the nurses did not attend to Seth, and he had to overcome his difficulty breathing on his own.
Today, the same thing happened again, with C.O. Slater once again claiming that Seth did not really need the nebulizer. Seth passed out shortly thereafter and a Code Blue was called on him.
We need people to call Superintendent Keyser at Sullivan specifically about C.O. Slater interfering with and preventing Seth from receiving needed medical attention. This C.O. should never accompany Seth to the medical clinic again. Also ask why the nurses are not following the facility doctor's medical advice instead of paying attention to C.O. Slater.
We also need people to call and fax Dr. Koenigsmann and Nancy Lyng in Albany to demand that Seth receive all needed pulmonary tests as soon as possible and that C.O. Slater be prohibited from accompanying Seth to the clinic in the future.
This is attempted medical murder of one of our beloved freedom fighters and we must do everything possible to help Seth at this time.

Superintendent Keyser at Sullivan: (010) 845-434-2080

Dr. Koenigsmann: (010) 518-457-7073 (phone) and (010) 518-445-7553 (fax)

Nancy Lyng: (010) 518-445-6176

Seth needs visitors and letters:
Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280, Sullivan Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 116, Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116, USA.

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