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The Anarchist Black Cross was originated in Tsarist Russia to organise aid for political prisoners. In the late 1960s the organisation resurfaced in Britain, where it first worked to aid prisoners of the Spanish resistance fighting the dictator Franco's police. Now it has expanded and groups are found in many countries around the world. We support anarchist and other class struggle prisoners, fund-raise on behalf of prisoners in need of funds for legal cases or otherwise, and organise demonstrations of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and other prisoners.

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The listing of any prisoner or any activities on this site is for information purposes only, and should not be construed by any state organisation as representing our active support for their actions or those activities.

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Latest news on anarchist and class struggle prisoners...

John Bowden: I Leave Prison Unbroken, My Political Integrity Uncompromised & Unyielding


On the 20th February, the Parole Board finally agreed to my release after forty years of my imprisonment and four previous parole hearings when my release was denied...

Belarus Anarchists Sentenced To 7 Years For Series Of Direct Actions


On February 12, 2020, Mikita Yemelyanau and Ivan Komar were found guilty of intentional destruction of property on several accounts. The activists were detained on October 20, 2019...

New Operation Against Gabriel Pombo Da Silva And Elisa Di Bernardo


After about a year and a half of clandestinity, on January 25, 2020, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva was detained in Portugal under an international arrest warrant for a residual theoretical sentence...

Delbert Africa Released After 42 Years In Prison


Delbert Orr Africa of the MOVE organisation was freed from prison after 42 years on January 18th! Like the other 5 members of MOVE that have been in prison since 1978...

Week Of International Agitation In Support Of The Prisoners Of The Revolt In Chile Jan. 13-19.


More than 80 days after the social outbreak in Chile, the struggle and social organisation persists in the unwavering conviction of confronting and breaking with the model...

Russian Prosecutor Demands Long Prison Sentences For 'Network' Case Defendants


The prosecutor in charge of the so-called 'Network' aka Penza/St Petersburg case demanded on December 26th prison time between 6 and 18 years...

Kevan Thakrar Is The Victim Of Racist Attack In HMP Full Sutton


On the afternoon of December 23rd Kevan Thakrar a known racist attempted to take Kevan Thakrar's life. Kevin McCarthy stabbed Kevan more than four times...

Vincenzo Vecchi Released From Prison In France


On November 15, 2019, anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi was released from the prison of Rennes. Vincenzo was arrested on August 8, this year, in France...

"Hardship Has Tempered Me And Turned My Mind To Steel"


The situation with my parole remains bizarrely uncertain, and it has now become obvious that it is not the parole board that is deciding matters but the Justice Ministry itself...

The Radicalisation Of 'Social' Prisoners


John Bowden has written on "prisoners who although imprisoned for non-political offences [have] subsequently become politicised or radicalised whilst in jail"...

Alexandr Kolchenko Released In Prisoner Swap


Alexandr 'Tundra' Kolchenko, an Ukrainian anarchist and anti-fascist activist imprisoned by the Russian administration of Crimea in 2014...

Antifa Prisoners In Portland, Oregon


Two Antifa prisoners in Portland need your support. Alexander Dial was arrested following protests against the so-called Proud Boys (sic) rally in Portland, Oregon...

Vincenzo Vecchi Arrested In France


Anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi was arrested on Thursday, August 8, 2019 in France. The arrest was carried out by the French police in cooperation with agents...

Jock Palfreeman Denied Parole


Last week in Sofia, Bulgaria, 32-year-old anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman was denied parole on his 20-year prison sentence for murder. Jock was convicted in 2009...

Anti-Fascist & Anarchist Oleg Serebrennikov Needs Your Help & Solidarity!


Mumia’s vision has rapidly deteriorated. It has been confirmed that Mumia currently suffers conditions that seriously threaten his eyesight. These include glaucoma...

Act Now To Save Mumia’s Eyesight And To Demand His Release!


Mumia’s vision has rapidly deteriorated. It has been confirmed that Mumia currently suffers conditions that seriously threaten his eyesight. These include glaucoma...

Update On Eric King's Attack And Situation


On Friday May 13th, the attempt by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to send Eric to the CMU or communication management unit at USP McCreary was rejected...

John Bowden Call To Action


John Bowden needs the support of people outside prison in order to increase the likelihood of his release after four decades inside. He was denied parole again in March...

Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman Is On Hunger Strike


Since this Sunday, April 21st, Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association Chairman of the Board Jock Palfreeman is on hunger strike as a protest against the corruption...

John Bowden - Now A Hostage In A Conflict Between Two Agencies Of The State


On the 22nd January 2019 after almost forty years in prison, the Parole Board considered the case for either my release or continued imprisonment...

Global Day Of Solidarity With Kevan Thakrar & Against Solitary Confinement


March 13, 2019 marks nine years that Kevan has been held in a Close Supervision Centre (CSC) under conditions of solitary confinement...

Call For Solidarity With Those Imprisoned During Operazione Scintilla


On Thursday February 7, 2019, at 4:40 a.m., the eviction of the squat "Asilo occupato" (the occupied kindergarden") in Via Alessandria 12 in Turin...

International Anarchist Defence Fund: Appeal for Action and Solidarity


A-Fund turned one year this September. This was the time when we issued our first call for joining the project last year. It took us another half a year...

Action Alert: Stop The Harassment Of Kevan Thakrar


Kevan Thakrar is a miscarriage of justice prisoner who has served over a decade in prison. He was moved to the Close Supervision Centre at HMP Whitemoor...

Stop The Repression Of The Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association & Its Founder Jock Palfreeman!


Jock Palfreeman is a 29-year-old Australian anti-fascist who had the courage to stand up against 16 neo-Nazis on a night out in Sofia, Bulgaria. He witnessed the fascists...

MOVE Member Debbie Africa Released


In the early morning of June 16, after nearly 40 years of unjust imprisonment by the state of Pennsylvania, political prisoner and MOVE 9 member Debbie Sims Africa...

Protest The Abuse And Illegal Treatment Of Kevan Thakrar


Kevan Thakrar has been moved to Long Lartin prison. Although Long Lartin does not have an official Close Supervision Centre, he remains in solitary confinement...

Victory On The 44 Day Of Hunger Strike!


Osman Evcan gained the victory from the determined struggle which he put his life against the state inside the thick walls of prison which he is enclosed...

Herman Bell Finally Released


On Friday, April 27, Herman Bell, a 70-year-old respected elder, was released after serving nearly 45 years in prison. Herman was one of thousands...

Tasos Theofilou Facing A Third Trial


Tasos Theofilou, a Greek anarchist communist, had originally been sentenced to 25 years in prison in connection with an armed robbery in Paros...

Urgent! Take Action To Support Herman Bell's Freedom Today


Certain Days founder and one of its inside editors, political prisoner Herman Bell urgently needs your help. As you may know, Herman was recently granted parole...

Support Anarchist Political Prisoner Evgeny Karakashev


We call for solidarity and support for the Crimean anarchist Evgeny Karakashev. The collection of funds for the work of a lawyer and paying for support...

Herman Bell Granted Parole


In a message from Herman Bell's family posted today, it was confirmed that: "A respected elder, Herman Bell, was granted parole as of April 17, 2018...

Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


As people know, ensuring that Robert Seth Hayes receives adequate medical care has been an ongoing struggle over the past 20 years. Seth reports that...

Anti-Police Prisoner In Belarus Needs Donations & Solidarity


Svyatoslav Baranovich is an active resident of Minsk who will be tried on February 15, 2018 for trying to prevent the detention of anarchists last March...

Updates On The Repression In St. Petersburg & Other Russian Cities


ABC St. Petersburg have posted a series of updates on the situation concerning the on-going repression of anarchists on trumped-up charges of alleged...

News Of Repression In St. Petersburg & Other Russian Cities


In anticipation of the elections, the authorities have once again activated the repressive machinery that operates against activists. Over a few days our comrades...

New Interview With Jock Palfreeman


We have a new interview with Bulgarian anti-fascist prisoner and Bulgarian Association of Prisoners founder Jock Palfreeman courtesy of the Polish antifascist paper 'Alerta'.

Day Of Solidarity With Imprisoned Comrade In Köln


On December 21st we call to let the imagination flow and to express solidarity in its multiple forms. Once again we will show that our imprisoned comrades...

Statement in Support of the London Anarchist Bookfair Collective Response to the 'Open Letter'


Despite the threat of the loss of an event that has provided the single greatest opportunity for our fundraising activities for our prisoner support work...

Update On Imprisoned Antifascist Patryk Cichon


After first month in Polish jails that was heavy and depressing, Patryk feels much better. He had been moved to a 3-man cell and his cell mates are ok...

Greek Comrade Konstantinos Yigtzoglou Remanded


On Wednesday November 1, comrade Konstantinos Yigtzoglou was taken to the judicial chamber, where a prosecutor and a special judge for terrorism...

The Fenix Verdict: Defendants Acquitted


The Fenix case uproar consists of a lot of accusations of many crimes, ranging from the one of so-called "promotion of terrorism" to the one of preparation...

New Articles By Kevan Thakrar


We have two new articles by join enterprise law victim and prison resister Kevan Thakrar on the site: The Separation Centre Expansion Plan & Segregation and Solitary Confinement.

Herman Bell Visciously Assaulted


Black Panther Party political prisoner Herman Bell was viciously assaulted by guards at Great Meadow Correctional Facility (Comstock) on September 5, 2017...

Support The Family Of Anti-Fascist Comrade


At the beginning of May 2016 our comrade Patryk Cichon from Poland was arrested by British police under an European Arrest Warrant. Patryk is a well known anti-fascist militant...

Call For International Solidarity With Imprisoned Comrades Markéta & Mirek


Two activists Markéta Všelichová and Miroslav Farkas were arrested on November 13, 2016 while attempting to cross the Habur border crossing from Turkey to Iraq...

Call Out For An International Week For Anarchist Prisoners 2017


Till All Are Free header

This year, the International solidarity week for anarchist prisoners will take place for the fifth time on August 23-30 and we come stronger than ever...

John Bowden: Post-Tariff Life Sentence Prisoners, The Parole Board And My Continued Incarceration


There is currently a massive population of "post-tariff" life sentence prisoners over-crowding British Prisons.  Lifers who remain detained long beyond the time...

Delbert Africa Denied Parole & Given 5 More Years


On July 7 MOVE member Delbert Africa was denied parole yet again and what is even more sadistic is the fact that Delbert was given a five year hit...

Get Kevan Out Of Solitary Confinement


JENGbA is a grassroots campaign supporting prisoners wrongfully convicted using the doctrine of 'joint enterprise'. Joint enterprise is used to convict...

Emergency Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes!


Just heard from Seth this evening. He had an incident last night, apparently low sugars again. He woke up at around 1 a.m. and his bathrobe was on the floor...

Call For Third Annual Int.al Day Of Solidarity With Antifascist Prisoners, July 25, 2017


As the third annual July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners approaches, we find ourselves fighting the hydra of fascism and far-right...

Update On Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes


As people know, Seth has been having serious problems with his blood sugar levels in the past month, especially since finally receiving the insulin pump...

June 11 International Day Of Solidarity With All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners


By now it is a platitude to speak of the isolation and silence that prisons strive to impose. Every week another one of our imprisoned friends tells us...

Mumia Hep-C Treatment Update


The Department of Corrections told Mumia yesterday that they will provide him with the hepatitis C fast-acting antiviral treatment beginning next week...

Appellate Court Rejects Further Delay To Mumia's Hep-C Treatment


It has been almost five years since doctors working for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, taking a routine blood test on long-time prisoner...

Dozens Of Anarchists Arrested In Belarus After Anti-government Protests


On March 15 in three major cities of Belarus – Minsk, Mogilev and Grodno – people took the streets protesting against government attempts to collect tax off the unemployed...

Continuing Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


Seth suffered another Diabetic Coma or Code Blue on Feb. 5, 2017. This time he fell so hard he broke a tooth and opened a cut above his eye...

Antifascist Prisoner From Belarus Needs Your Support


Vadim Boyko is an antifascist supporter of FC Partyzan from Minsk. He was detained on March 22, 2016 together with other people on suspicion of participating...

Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas Released From Custody – RS Comrades End Hunger & Thirst Strike


According to Athens Indymedia a new order was issued by the prosecutor on January 8 terminating the detention of Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupa...

Federal Court Orders DOC to Provide Hepatitis C Treatment to Mumia Abu-Jamal


January 3, 2017: Federal district court Judge Robert Mariani granted political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal's request for a preliminary injunction...

Pola Roupa Arrested / Now On Hunger & Thirst Strike


According to Greek media Pola Roupa, a member of Revolutionary Struggle, has been arrested at a house in the Attica region. Pola is the partner...

Aachen/Barcelona Trial Dates Set


The court of Aachen has set the dates for the start of the trial against the two comrades from Barcelona accused of expropriating a branch of Pax-Bank in Aachen...

Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


Please Call, Write and Fax Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nov. 21, 22 & 23!
Seth has been suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for over 15 years now...

Interview With Recently Released Prisoner Alexei Gaskarov


Anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarov was recently released from prison after serving three and a half years in prison for alleged involvement in the Bolotyana Square...

Kinetik Justice On Hunger Strike


On October 21, 2016 Robert Earl Council (aka Kinetik Justice Amun) went on a Hunger Strike based on threats against his life from the Alabama Department...

Protests Against HM Inspectorate of Prisons


The Close Supervision Centre (CSC) system is the English version of American supermax prison conditions, indefinite solitary confinement within...

Website Problems


Apologies to one and all, as we have been unable to access and update the website for the past week but we are up and running again now!

New 2017 Bottled Wasp Diary Now Available


The 2017 edition of our fundraising project The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary is now available for purchase and the theme this time round is Women Rebels.

Printed on unbleached paper and now with a stitched spine, this stylish pocket diary is now even sturdier and at just £5.00 it is an essential purchase.

For more details on how to get your copy, see our Bottled Wasp page or check out the Bottled Wasp Facebook page.

Bottled Wasp 2015 cover

Call To Help Zolo Azania Prepare For Release


Political prisoner and former death row prisoner, Zolo Agona Azania, needs your help. Zolo will finally be released in a few short months...

Urgent Medical Campaign For Robert Seth Hayes


Seth has been suffering from uncontrolled diabetes for over 15 years now. His sugars go up to the 400’s, then down so low he falls into a diabetic coma...

Mexican Prisoners Announce Solidarity Hunger Strike


During a press conference on September 28, anarchist prisoners announced the beginning of an indefinite hunger strike. They are compañeros...

Eigth Italian Anarchist Arrested In Operation Scripta Manent Case


On September 6, seven comrades were arrested and accused of being members of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). The same day Daniele Cortelli...

Police Captured Czech Anarchist Lukáš Borl


On Sunday, September 4, police captured our comrade Lukáš Borl. Lukáš is an anarchist who has lived in underground for about a year...

Seven Italian Anarchists Arrested & Accused Of FAI-FRI Membership


On September 6, seven comrades were arrested and accused of being members of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). The arrests were made...

Call For Solidarity With Czech Anarchist Prisoners


On August 2 and 3 the first court hearing involving the Czech anarchists charged with conspiracy to prepare a terrorist attack against a train-load...

CCF Prisoners Sentenced To 115 Years Each


On July 8, 2016, the Koridallos prison court – presided over by special judge Asimina Yfanti – convicted all members of the anarchist revolutionary...

Merseyside Anti-Fascist Jailed


Michelle Smith, a much loved Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network comrade, pleaded guilty to the state charges against her for her participation...

Support Kevan Thakrar By Joining The Protest


The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) have been made in many ways to be the only option for prisoners seeking redress to problems they face...

Protest Against Close Supervision Centres, July 21


A secret world exists within the high security prison estate in England, known as the Close Supervision Centre (CSC) system. It is notorious amongst...

Five Swedish Antifascists Sentenced To Prison By Court Of Appeal


On July 1, the court of appeal’s sentence against the remaining Swedish antifascists who were prosecuted after the protests in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm...

Call For The 2nd Annual International Day Of Solidarity With Antifascist Prisoners, July 25, 2016


In the year since the first July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners in 2015, there has been a disturbing increase of Far Right activity...

John Bowden Update


Success for John Bowden in his trial at Greenock Sheriff Court last week, with the case being 'not proven' on the two charges he faced.

Update On Anti-fascist Comrade Patryk's Situation


A few days ago Patryk had a court hearing and his case had been moved to the end of September, whilst social services will look at his family circumstances...

Solidarity With John Bowden - Long Time Prison Resister & Anti-Authoritarian


Show your support for John Bowden, a vocal writer and critic of the system we all live under, who is in Greenock Sheriff Court in Scotland, on Friday 24...

MOVE Parole Hearings Updates


As expected, the Pennsylvania Parole Board denied parole for Debbie Africa and gave her a two year hit. A week and a half ago the same Parole Board also...

Robert Seth Hayes Denied Again At His 10th Parole Board Hearing


Everyone was enraged to report that Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes received notice on June 16, 2016, that he was once again rejected by...

Call For Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoner Martin Ignačák


As Czech Anarchist Black Cross and the AntiFenix Collective, we call for international solidarity actions against the repression of anarchists...

International Days Of Solidarity With Russian Anarchist & Antifascist Prisoners, July 1-10


When mass civil protests in Russia were defeated in 2011-12, the Putinist police regime started open political repressions against militants of social and political...

Action On Mumia Abu Jamal's Medical Case Now In Court


Judge Robert Mariani of the U.S. District Court has issued an order in Mumia’s case, granting Mumia’s lawyers Bret Grote and Robert Boyle’s motion...

Anarchist Prisoner Martin Ignacák Is On Hunger Strike


On May 27, 2016, Martin Ignačák an anarchist accused of terrorism charges, went on hunger strike in Pankrác remand prison in the Czech Republic...

About Our Prisoners Listings


You may have noticed recently that some of our usually reliable prisoners listings have been a little out of date. This is due to a current shortage in our group numbers and increasing commitments to other projects. You can help by sending any updates/contributions to the listings that you come across. Thanks in advance. In solidarity. Brighton ABC.

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