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The Anarchist Black Cross was originated in Tsarist Russia to organise aid for political prisoners. In the late 1960s the organisation resurfaced in Britain, where it first worked to aid prisoners of the Spanish resistance fighting the dictator Franco's police. Now it has expanded and groups are found in many countries around the world. We support anarchist and other class struggle prisoners, fund-raise on behalf of prisoners in need of funds for legal cases or otherwise, and organise demonstrations of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and other prisoners.

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The listing of any prisoner or any activities on this site is for information purposes only, and should not be construed by any state organisation as representing our active support for their actions or those activities.

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Writings by John Bowden

Here are some pieces written over the years by John Bowden, a 'social prisoner' who has been radicalised by his long years at the sharp end of the British justice system. That same system has sought to silence him for many years, including accusing him of associating with terrorists, namely Brighton ABC, and his writings have repeatedly been used against him in parole hearing as a reason not to release him despite his being years over his original tariff.

Solidarity Without Prejudice

Medicalising "Difficult" Prisoners To Prolong Their Imprisonment

Education Is Subversive In Prison

In The Belly Of The Beast

Prisons: Factories Of Hate

Neo-Liberalism And Prisons

John Bowden's Recent Parole Hearing

Victimisation Continues - John Bowden's Parole Hearing

Americanisation Of The British Criminal Justice System

Manufacturing Radicalisation

Human Rights Are Scrapped In Britain

Germany And The Prison Industrial Complex

Campaign In Support Of Kevan Thakrar

The Subcontraction Of Prison Violence

Prison As Political Battleground

Post-Tariff Life Sentence Prisoners, The Parole Board And My Continued Incarceration